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  1. Hi, I've never posted on a forum before so please correct me if I get anything wrong! This seems like a great community and Ive finally joined! I have had severe diagnosed ocd for ten years or so (predominantly contamination but just right/emotional rather than harm if that makes sense). I have had multiple courses of CBT in different areas of the UK and tried different medications but have generally been told I need more specialised help? I was wondering if anyone had any experience/advice of getting help in London, particularly a referral to a specialist unit (in or outpatient)? I think I am in the catchment area for the Maudsley but my community mental health team aren't being very clear with the pathways. Would be interested to hear any thoughts or experiences. Edit; sorry forgot to mention, I've read about referrals but have not found info about being within a catchment area for CADAT/Maudsley makes any difference or if it goes through same process? Thanks very much!