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  1. Stressbusting!

    I totally get what you mean Tanana about being in the rumination before you know it! I sometimes feel that is just the fear in you! I am using mindfulness a lot Roy and the Therapist noticed that today when I went and told her. I just think perhaps I am focusing too much on letting the thoughts go and that is encouraging them perhaps?
  2. Stressbusting!

    I’m going downtown in Toronto today to pick up some more gifts. You think you have them done and then you think of something else you need to get lol Hey Roy do you ever get that nervous OCD feeling almost creeping? I’m not doing any ruminating I just sort of see it there, it can happen in the morning for me.
  3. Stressbusting!

    is it too early for some of these?
  4. Feeling bitter

    I prayed for last night Jennie Wren you are well thought of and you will get through this X
  5. Haha that was funny Roy and love that you are getting a senior cat who find it harder to get homes. She will be the luckiest cat ever ?
  6. Feeling bitter

    Hi Jennie you have a wonderful place here for people who really understand what you are going through cos we too are sufferers. You will feel better, nothing stays the same, 'this too shall pass' and it will. Keep strong, sending you love and blessings X
  7. Hi guys just wanted to put up a post to see can anyone relate. I have times when I just feel unsure or uncertain or scared a bit and although I am not really thinking on my OCD I do indeed feel it lurking around. I just wanted to know is it good then to reassure and label it is OCD or is this a compulsion? Is it perhaps better to not react so as to not encourage it into your mind. I will often have positive thoughts about my condition (acceptance) but I don't want to be reassuring and exasperating the problem too. Let it be known I do have positive thoughts when I am refocusing on my life and choosing to practise being well each day as I am endeavoring to do now. I hope I make sense here! Interested to hear from you and thanks xx
  8. It just is dealing with all the thoughts related to what can bother me is the key right? Just got hit with a repetitive thought just now telling me why I need to think on whatever....It’s so sneaky PB ?
  9. Is this helpful?

    I was thinking that after you know, kind of from an outside view it looks to be a sneaky form of OCD. I guess after all these thoughts do originate in our own heads and are extremely creative of leading us in just like you say. Its always but 'what if' and on and on...
  10. Is this helpful?

    I am glad you are well Just wanted to run this by you also. Just wondering how you would class this type of thought. So I was doing my notebook and I am still putting it together and I feel I almost forced this thought but either way it came into my head and 'got' me as such. It came to me last night as well just before I went to bed, so it is the thought about my worry at the moment which says; ' But what if you really have done something, there could be something there, it feels like there is, it is a strong possibility'. Let me also just say looking at this unemotionally and unattached I can see why I would think this but all I have is the fear from almost three years ago, no definite pictures bar the rumination pictures that apparently I can't trust, so I get that thought with the rumination pictures sometimes but still just the intense feeling that there is something but I don't know what. I don't want to be too easy on myself either but sometimes I feel well hey Nic there is nothing you remember exactly and maybe there isn't anything much there or anything. Thanks for reading
  11. Tips for stopping ruminating

    I'm going to check that out, thank you Polarbear.
  12. Is this helpful?

    Hi Roy I hope you are well today. Just to let you know I am making a list for a tool kit to help me with my OCD and I am taking some very valuable information from this thread that you gave me. Thank you again
  13. That is wonderful Jennie and I have tried the smile meditation with Tara Brach's meditations too. I do think that positivity can do alot to help us with anxiety and any depression we are dealing with. I say this even though I am pretty low today but I have to believe there will be brighter days for us, all of us that are suffering now.
  14. Yes PB I ruminated and had more thoughts that really bothered me, they seemed like they could have potentially happened and that is where I panicked.
  15. Agreeing with thoughts so but not really agreeing with them, is that how it works? I'm not sure how I can do that you see.