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  1. Guilt.

    I think this thread is another way to get reassurance. Could that be true Lily?
  2. Meet a toxic doctor.

    Thanks! I was very sad, almost cried, so i went outside, trained pretty hard, so it couldn't get any room. I need to shape up, i don't have nearly the same anxiety as in the beginning but i am sliping, getting comfortable, maybe i need to challenge it again (more). Thanks
  3. Homework

    I know it is really hard. But you can do it!
  4. Exactly. Need to stop confessing mate. It is the OCD telling you that you need, you actually dont need to do anything! Just let the thought be there. But hey i know how hard it is
  5. It could also be that you got relieve when you got reassurance when your partner didn't think you were crazy. Just a thought from me
  6. Meet a toxic doctor.

    I went to the gym today, i was happy. Actually 95% happy and pretty content. THEN FROM NOWHERE did i get a thought on the toilet and i tested myself and then did i had sadness and anxiety. I have left the thoughts of autism, could this be because i have been obsessing and my mind tries to fill the gap?!
  7. Bit of a rant

    I totally relate! I often say things out loud, when i see a streetname like "crazystreet" do i say it out loud. I also count meaningless sequences. 2+2=4... I don't even know why It is all OCD
  8. Meet a toxic doctor.

    I am thankful for every comment in the thread, even if i went back to obsessing about it many times after you guys gave me advices, did i take consideration of every comment. This forum is really helpful when it comes to OCD.
  9. Ocd freezing seizures

    I actually just treated it as OCD. I got the urge to count and get it right but i refused to do it. And it ended. And i got more typical themes. I find it worse than other compulsions (in a sense) because people think you are getting insane, and i it can look frightening to people around you. I really hope he can challenge it. AND i would recommend you to read about tic-OCD because professionals will probably don't know very much about it, if it is not an expert on OCD. Edit: It is really tricky, because it was not always that i was counting in my head. But it started with counting slowly and then it got more and more automated, so when it was this bad was it just that i got a inner picture of the things i needed to organize --> did the tics. But the counting was there in the background. I hope this can make sense in some way. Because when i started to have it did i have huge problems to explain it to other people.
  10. Ocd freezing seizures

    I had those when i was 18. It was when i needed to organize things in my head. I just needed to GET IT RIGHT. i remember why i ended up standing and shaking. Because i needed to find strength to get it right. So if i involved the body did i have more strength. Just to do it ONE FINAL TIME.
  11. Bit of a rant

    I actually don't think it is useful to be angry and especially not to grieve. OCD is just a part of your brain, what happens is because of the brain. I think we just should accept. But in a therapeutic sense is it a great advice, because it gives determination to fight it. I guess i agree in a sense and the most important sense right here and now, which is the therapeutic one. Headwreck you have been fooled, get mad!
  12. Bit of a rant

    Probably your OCD, wanting to fish you back again. OCD telling you: why not obsess about how i have made you obsessing in the past, how does that sound? Leave it behind you, there is no guarantee you would have stopped if you started before this.
  13. Bit of a rant

    It is extremely fascinating how the stories are the same. And information is really the key. I mean instead of every child and then person going through the initial step of thinking that he/she is crazy. I mean OCD will be painful even with all the knowledge but there is something special with it when you don't know what you have.
  14. Bit of a rant

    Started having OCD at 8. I was organizing things (toys) in photos of me when i was 4. So i have probably had it since then. If it is not autism.. I am 25-30 now. I started to have intrusive thoughts before 10. My first intrusive thoughts was about my mother... I feelt disgusting There is no point in ruminating like that, why do you think the therapy would made it all go away? Some of us needs to hit the bottom before we start to take action. And listen, everybody, it is not like we have had it 24/7 our whole life. I haven't, it comes and goes. NOW please don't try to count how much of the past years you have been obsessing and how much of the time you haven't......... But try to see it like this, if you have been obsessing for 20 years that is around 7000 days, let's say you are obsessing for some hours a day. That makes it well over 10000 hours, the line some people are speaking about when it comes to the time you need to get professional at something. Do you realize that we actually are professionals at obsessing? That is why it is sooo very important to do different. And are you surprised that it is automated after such a long time?!
  15. health anxiety

    Health anxiety do i have it? Yes, most definitely. I find it very irritating because it enters the grey area, you are supposed to be aware of your body but you shouldn't obsess. So where is the line? It is tricky but i think one would find out if he/she has OCD and then treat it is OCD.