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  1. I'm so tired. I'm tired all the time. The doctor's doing blood tests with little results but I know it's the OCD with the constant thoughts just bringing me down. I can't function properly, therapy hasn't worked, group therapy hasn't worked, medications haven't worked... a while ago I accepted that I'll have this condition forever and I'll have to learn to live with it. But it's getting to be too much. What do I do?? I can't cope like this. Every thing I do is an effect. Everyone thinks I'm lazy but I just can't-be-bothered. I'd rather lie in bed all day and hide from the world. Why get up when everything's just going to be hard?
  2. I wish I was more intelligent too I can only get crappy jobs, and even then I end up leaving 'cos I make a mistake then completely stress over it. I just feel so useless
  3. Typing errors (typos)

    Yes, I have this! Drives me nuts. Especially when people spell 'your' or 'you're' wrong. It's so petty but it gets to me.
  4. Nightmares

    I do sometimes eat before bed. I find in the evening the day has been so tiring and stressful that I binge eat. I do not drink alcohol or caffeine. I'm stressed out all day from little things to major thought problems. I get so tired from socialising (includes just saying hello to people). I feel like I want to escape my life but have to keep going - job, people etc. I often worry I'm going to go insane so maybe that seeps into my dreams. But I can't just stop the thoughts I was given sleeping pills once but just made me more tired. My brain is constantly going and my body is always lethargic.
  5. Please help, I really don't know what to do. I keep getting nightmares where I know I'm dreaming and try to wake up, but it doesn't work so I start screaming but nothing works and I really panic. Usually in the dream I am lost and/or confused. My dreams are always confusing and surreal and I question what is reality in these dreams. If I do manage to wake up I immediately get dragged back into the dream! Eventually I wake up permanently and realise the bed is soaked from my sweat. I'm tired all day and end up in bed early. In days off I sleep in the afternoon. The doctor has done blood tests but can't find anything wrong with me. How do I stop the nightmares?? They're getting worse!!
  6. Help! Lost libido

    I've had some counselling which they thought worked 'cos in the end they were like "it wasn't your fault" and I think they thought it was a huge revelation or something. I've also talked to my partner and some friends about it. But the thing is, I still see my brother (he's married with kids) and my parents don't know. I don't want to ruin everything now, my brother was on mild drugs at the time. When I was with my last partner I lost my libido after a while. I think it's all exciting at first and then my body worries take over. I hate my body, there's nothing I like about it, my partner thinks the world of me and I do believe he finds me gorgeous and sexy, but I just don't feel it. I've self-harmed in the past because I feel so dirty and disgusting. Even talking about it now makes me feel sick, I always feel sick I also sometimes find sex painful, even when we use lube I don't know if it's psychological but it's at the entrance. I just feel so guilty that my partner has to put up with me, his life is stressful enough.
  7. I HATE that question! OCD occupies my whole life to the point where I don't know what's me and what's OCD. I panic and think if I don't give them the right answer then they can't help me. I usually tell them one aspect then they obsess over that and the meaning whereas to me it's not that huge :/ then I get home and think of more important things. Usually when they ask I just sit there is silence for a bit 'cos I really don't know what to say! And when I try and describe it they say "I don't know what you mean". Are they specialists or what? o_O makes me feel really weird Before your next appointment try writing down all your problems (you can keep going back to it) and then put them in categories (bad thoughts, repetitive actions, fears etc). Then just hand them that! Lol
  8. Please help. I've been with my partner for nearly 3 years. I love him so much and we plan to get married and have children. But in the last few months I've completely lost my sexual appetite. We used to have a healthy sex life but lately I just feel sick when I think about sex. I was abused when I was young by my brother and nothing I try seems to help me come to terms with it. I've also never orgasmed which my partner blames himself for, though he knows about my OCD. A part of him also thinks I've gone of sex because of him though he does understand that I can't help it. I don't know what to do
  9. Interesting. Sorry for opening up such an old thread but I've only just found it. i started a diet a few months ago and I'm already a vegan. Gradually I cut out wheat, gluten, sugar, vegetable oil, fried foods, junk food, high GI foods etc. I now find it difficult to decide what to eat because my choice is so limited. I'm constantly reading labels. It's easy for experts to dismiss stuff like this but if there's even a small number of people who match this it's worth looking into. Minority shouldn't be ignored.
  10. medications

    Good luck. I couldn't function on quetiapine. But I did have it with Paroxetine
  11. Hi Ashley. I am currently starting counselling to deal with some issues I have but have not got into it yet. I had CBT a fear years ago and it didn't help. I stopped taking the quetiapine 'cos I couldn't function
  12. I found the worst part of OCD was when I didn't know what it was. It was during my teenage years and I thought I was nuts. It led to depression and suicidal feelings. I also have the death fear and cannot eat or even touch meat. I also work with animals which can be a problem! I just feel the death spreading through me. So I understand the fear she feels with death though I'm not at her level. It sounds like a nightmare. It's worth letting her know that the first medication may not work but that should not get her down. People are different and she may need to try a few before she finds the right one. I had a friend with depression once who gave up after the first medication which upset me 'cos it took 4 medications before I overcame depression.
  13. Benefits

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here knew about benefits? I know you can get a benefit if you're too ill to work, but can you get benefits for if you can't manage full time work? Also, I'm thinking of going back to college next year, is there any benefit or support available for me? Thanks!
  14. Food OCD

    I'm having real food troubles again. I'm obsessed with losing weight, but I seem unable to. I'm 5'8 and about 11.5 stone, which people tell me is normal, but when I look at my body I just feel disgusted. I ate chocolate spread from the jar today because I craved it, and afterwards I felt so sick. I know it's going to happen but I can't stop myself. I'm just so fed up with this. I've been this way for probably 10 years, and I keep trying to tell myself I'm fine the way I am, but then the anxiety sickness starts up again. Every now and then I go on a health diet, where I eat lots of healthy food, but it just takes one sugary snack and I'm on the junk food again. I think if I wasn't a vegan then I'd be huge, from all the junk food. I don't know what to do, this is ruining my life, please help!! :helpsmilie: