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  1. negativity

    Dear all, I am free from most of my typical ocd forms since long i. e. many years. But, Recently I got married & my negetiv thinking is increasing day by day on her. No doubt she is very good kind, loving, and a very supportive wife.. but my ugly mind fights her even she talk or praise any male person.. My ocd is triggered. and i suffering myself too everyday day... I cant say her plz dont talk to others male persons and nt make friends on social sites... even she has few feiends only. Why am i so bad?
  2. Successfully Recovered

    Thanks EM. Good to see your msg. I think, what a need to look.. much on ocd . Afterall, we are only sufferurs & would not want to become an OCD especiallist. Awareness is an important to some extent. But i absolutely think if u have sufficient knowledge (not much) and dare to only exposer ur fears, then u can be more free from the hazard. I am sorry but this is the truth. Fighting with ocd is also a ocd. Just follow a best ocd especiallist..(nt all are well professionals).. and reddy for Exposer. This is much for ocd. But some stupid Stauffers are most likely to be an expert that will not cure. I am great example of this. Best for your understanding. Regards, Naval
  3. Inability to make decision

    Dont make any decision by your self right now. Take help of your loved one including family memeber. We lost decisions ability
  4. Same i did many times. Its applicable in ocd. Keep away dont involved much on something make perfect
  5. I mean if u have food poising worry.. try to eat probably food poising foods u think.
  6. Thoughts are come and go process in ocd. Its running always we cant stop it. If u do suffer perticuler.. try to much live in that.
  7. Successfully Recovered

    Thinking, searching. etc.. too much on OCD is not more useful for a sufferer as i got by my many years suffering. U just keep calm and must know its ocd a fake disorder and not follow it in its any form.. u will easily be come out.
  8. Successfully Recovered

    The recovery was not an easy.After suffring from many years alon of all typical OCD forms I gained some little knowledge to handle by the technique "Exposer" and knowledge . Most of my fears went by this. .. an good ocd experrience psychiatric guided along with adequate dose of Medications.
  9. Successfully Recovered

    Absolutely Dear
  10. Successfully Recovered

    Thanks both of you
  11. any help is appreciated. thanks

    No need to control.. not feel guilt all is well.. it is not a bad
  12. Dear all.. keep fighting in right ways By grace of Self..I won the battle against my severe 25 years ocd. A great psychiatrist Dr Khanna(based in India) and myself Naval done a tremendous work to end my OCD. Off-course the forum was my first mentor. Thanks to all the members who did support in my bad. A special Thanks goes to Sir Ashley to start this forum &spreading awareness of Dangerous OCD throughout the world. Thsnks everyone keep fighting.. its 100 cureble.. no doubt. Best wishes Naval Shukla
  13. Going to marry but worry

    I am agree with you thanks for your valuable suggestions.
  14. Going to marry but worry

    Yes Dear Ashley, Right,There may be difference in people's thinking towards OCD here! But I clearly see, some of my indian ocd sufferur's wives left them only bcz they have a mental issue. Although some are fighting along with them.. who still love their loved ones.. but in this way problems are remain same or may be feel some better for a short time but ocd attacks again and again..as it do.This makes extra problem..& "the whole family suffers. Most important I want to say.. what a need to say about OCD to anyone non ocdian. when I am able to handle OCD well. Anyway for a long time since 4 y i am doing best in my all fields what non ocdians can do. I think most of my ocd has been gone from the brain by my sincere exposure and challenging works towards my ocd fears. Off-course i am on charge.
  15. Going to marry but worry

    First i would like to win her heart.. by loving her more i can do.. i will be never entertain the term.. OCD to her and for non ocdians. That is what i learned from my struggle.