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  1. Hi furgles In your original message you say “My boyfriend has to check the floor when he stands up lots of times and is constantly hoarding things”. Do you know why he checks the floor> The reason I am asking is that I too check the floor where I have been standing and also check behind me when I walk. I also have trouble in throwing things away and in fact touching anything that needs to be thrown away. The reason I think I do it is that I have a fear of loosing something or dropping something (what I am going to loose, I do not know) which if it happens is will cause me and my wife severe problems. I was just wondering if this it why you’re b/f does it and that is why he gets annoyed - I do! With me I think there is an underlining reason (I lost my wedding ring, nearly lost my business and our Nan passed away all in 2 months – loosing things!!) which has distorted my thoughts. I am gradually exposing myself to things and trying to sort myself out with natural medicine, CBT and now hypnosis. If you or him needs a chat just contact me, maybe I can be of help Ray
  2. Hi talknerdytome I was just interested in what OCD you have as I am also trying to do it without prescription medication and wanted to see any similar connections.
  3. 5HTP

    Hi autumn girl and justamum I am going to Chelmsford tomorrow and there is a Holland and Barretts there. So I will try to get some of the Crab Apple and White Chestnut and will probably get the 5HTP as well as it seems more pure than what I am currently taking (no added ingredients!) How do you take the drops - I assume 4 drops 4 times a day straight on the tongue or do you mix it with water like the web sites say or is it better in it's pure form I will also look at the St John's Wort Thank you both for the information and help Anyway have to go as I want to restructure my ERP as I sort of failed a bit last night - but get back on try again :-) matrix
  4. Medication and CBT

    Hi Nicky Thanks for your reply You are quite right about good and bad days - sometimes I am carry out my CBT and then it goes wrong. I then look at where is went wrong modify my therapy a bit and carry on As you say it will be worth it in the end. On talking to other members of the forum I am going to try White Chestnut and Crab Apple along with my current 5HTP. I will also talk to my GP with regards to Inositol Good luck with your recovery and keep me posted when you have time matrix
  5. Medication and CBT

    Hi Ashley Thanks for your post and I’m glad that CBT/ERP helped with your OCD. If you do not mind me asking what was your OCD. Arte you going to try to overcome it again by using the same methods as before After reading your comments, I have decided that I will definitely stick with the CBT / ERP and not have the medication. I suppose I can always go to medication at any time – if I need too. I will continue with the 5HTP and I though of trying Inositol, which seems to crop up a lot on various web sites. What’s your opinion on this natural product, have you ever tried it Thanks again for your taking the time to post your comments matrix
  6. 5HTP

    Hi autumn girl Thanks for responding to my post. You are probably right when you say my dosage is too low - I am only taking 100mg at the end of the day and only for the last 28 days. So it would be handy if you could let me know your dosage. Can you remember whether yours contained anything else in it or was it just pure. Mine contain a few other minerals and vitamins but also folic acid which I have read is not good for OCD I suppose it may taker longer as I am sure that my serotonin levels where really low as I was majorily stressed out last year with my business which got me down and that was when my "fear of loosing something" and unable to put items into bags or dustbins kicked in – full blast Like you I am not on any other medication. I was going to try Inositol as well - have you ever looked at this before. Anyway, enough of me rambling on. Well done with what you have achieved so far matrix
  7. 5HTP

    Hi Autmn Girl and Justamum Good to hear that the 5HTP is working If you do not mind me asking what are the positive effects you have had and how long have you been taking them for. I only ask, as I have also started to take these but as yet not really sure whether they are having any effect on me. Could you let me know where you purchased yours as I may try taking your ones instead. I got mine form healthspan.co.uk matrix
  8. Hi Everyone Just wanted everyone’s opinion on the following. At present I am only taking 100mg per day of 5-HTP (which I’m not sure whether it is actually doing anything as the dosage is rather low) I have been reading various books and looking at site with regards to ERP. I have had my first session of CBT with an NHS therapist and she has said that I should carry on with what I have taught myself and basically face up to my fears and stop avoiding and checking. She has not said anything about medication. On the other hand my GP wants me to take SSRI’s. I would rather stay off the medication and only use ERP and perhaps any natural products that I have read about like Inositol Basically my question is (any success stories would be appreciated); 1 – can you overcome OCD purely by ERP and cognitive methods? And has anyone done this successfully 2 – is medication the only way to overcome as some of the books that I have read says that it is due to a chemical imbalance – therefore do you need to cure the imbalance before ERP will work Keep it together and be positive
  9. Hi Everyone I have just joined this forum so I thought I would introduce myself. In August I was diagnosed with OCD although I think I must have had it for a number of years as I can always remember checking doors and windows when leaving the house or work. Always thought this was a security issue, but obviously not – it was OCD. In time this lead me to have problem in pulling away from places in my car I would always think that I had left something behind on the road, so would have to go round several time checking where I had parked. This got worse and worse over a period of time which lead me to drive back often to check after getting home. Still did not know that this was OCD. Late last year, I run into money troubles (which are all sorted now) and I lost my wedding ring as well (had to go through the dustbin to find it). This lead to me to another level – I could not put any rubbish into bags or dustbins. I could not even walk past a dustbin – especially an open dustbin. It was not that I wanted to keep anything it was in case I accidentally lost something whilst throwing the rubbish away. This may stem from the fact that I nearly lost my business due to money and losing my wedding ring temporarily in the dustbin and had to go through the rubbish. I now also have the problem of constantly looking behind be when I walk or leave someone’s premises in case I have left or dropped something behind me. So as you can see I assume I have a checking obsession for the following reasons: 1- fear of loosing something – by throwing away, dropping or leaving behind 2 – fear of damage or burglary to our house 3 – Over inflated sense of responsibility At the moment I am only taking 100mg of 5-htp per day and have read numerous books about CBT including Jeffery Schwartz and David Veale and at present I have managed to get myself to put bottles and sealed bags into the dustbin – whereas a month ago I could not even touch the dustbin. Last week I had my first CBT appointment with an NHS therapist. Anyway that is enough of me. I look forward to joining this community and hopefully can help in some of the discussions. What really interests me is the natural way using of overcoming OCD using natural products and CBT with ERP. Any thanks for reading my introduction.