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  1. I fail your pain I struggle dreadfully with guilt x
  2. My mindset is similar to how it was back then but I've felt even worse since doing it after I look at it everyday but it's a cigarette burn not a cut.
  3. Oh that's awful
  4. Yes I've always liked tattoos but with having psoriasis it's not really that practical
  5. It's just knowing it's a scar I can't remove is the worst thing
  6. I only ever did it once a few years ago and have never done it since but the mark on my wrist is a constant thorn in my side,I just keep looking at it everyday,I regret doing it and will never do it again but I'm uncomfortable with the fact it won't ever fade
  7. Really struggling

    I've had them but not currently taking anything
  8. Really struggling

  9. Sorry to moan but I don't know what to do anymore
  10. Makes me feel even more guilty when I see people with worse disabilities
  11. Issues that sit alongside OCD

    I've found it unbelivable how much a poor mindset and outlook can affect you psychically as well,I never knew how much they were connected
  12. Overthinking

    I can relate my thoughts go round and round like a whirlwind,a bit like a shaken up snow globe!
  13. Retirement

    Please can I retire?!!
  14. That's ******* told us!
  15. Searching for answers

    Indeed it's truly amazing how some people Jane age disputes their circumstances such as people like nick vijucic on the you tube videos.