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  1. I went last week and again tommorow night,I just can't stop the rumination
  2. I'm worrying something chronic over life,death,age,the past,losing loved ones it drives me insane
  3. Dealing with guilt

    Guilt and regret are awful
  4. I wish life didn't have time limits on it
  5. I know it's all down to me but I am also aware that some things can't be fixed
  6. But what if there is no forwards?
  7. That's the problem Ashley not being able to change the past,people say the past doesn't matter but in some ways I disagree,I think the past defines you.
  8. I don't know if this is my depression talking but ive suddenly realised I have nothing left to live for
  9. Let all my family down and upset them
  10. Over the years I've ruined my own and other people's lives how can you achieve forgiveness for that
  11. Leaving the forum.

    Rest assured NOBODY hates you lily,we all feel the frustration you do x
  12. OCD and driving

    You must be a real boy racer Ashley?!! Last year I was caught speeding for the first time and was given the option of the speed awareness course instead of the points which I took. i found the course quite interesting surprisingly but my main point is that the guy that was presenting the course said d that if he was caught speeding even once he would instantly lose his job,that must be quite a lot of pressure.
  13. Guilt

    I need to consider getting a therapist
  14. Guilt

    I'm sure most people feel guilt about things but it seems people with mental illness suffer more
  15. Guilt

    Certainly a part of it among others