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  1. I'd love to be able to think like a normal resin for an hour,I'd love to be able to have achieved something in my life but above all I'd love to be able to experience happiness for me and all of us
  2. Yes I'm in a constant state of depersonalisation I really don't know my own identity or what my likes and dislikes are. i don't know if my memory's are my own or if I've seen them on the telly or something,very unpleasant.
  3. Good question,I think ocd issues and other personal failings are well connected.
  4. I try I really do I keep saying words like "hope,forwards,positivity" to myself over and over again but it just doesn't seem to absorb somehow. i don't know how true self-forgiveness is issued,you can tell yourself it but do you believe it? Its so damn hard but I guess you guys all know that! and apologies to my good friend snowy,who has already tried to answer my weird questions a million times!
  5. I don't want to enter into my usual moaning ways but I'm just so dreadfully scared and confused
  6. I've had my meds upped,I'm exercising,socialising and I'm lost I really am
  7. I've planned a holiday with friends in 3 weeks which I was excited about at first but now I'm panicking about packing the right things etc ive accepted a new job which is worrying me to death as I don't know if it was right thing to do as it's less money. i dont trust my own mind and I don't know why,I cannot make decisions,I'm full of self loathing,regret,guilt and sadness. All the things many others can relate to I'd imagine,I'm gaining no pleasure from life
  8. I'm not hard done to by any means but I seem to not know my own mind,I don't know what I want or when to do it !!
  9. I know I've posted here before but this is way way worse than ever before I literally cannot see a way out other than a mental ward or worse. I'm tired of it all,absolutely exhausted,I see not future at all and my past was just as bad. god knows anymore !
  10. I know I am going insane
  11. The diesel pumps often have spillages on them and are some times quite dirty
  12. Is there any possibility I could be going insane?
  13. Experiencing such high levels of confusion
  14. Why do I keep breaking down in tears it's difficult when I drive for a living