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  1. It's a common misconception that smoking relieves stress,it doesn't it makes it worse,Allan carrs stop smoking book explains the cognitive reason why we smoke.when people say I have a cigarette to calm down,it's not down to the cigarette it's the fact that people remove themselves from the stressful situation in order to have a cigarette therefore that's why their stress levels come down. i hate smoking it's an awful habit that has no positives to it,I personally wish they were banned but unfortunately at the moment I'm not in the right mindset to quit.
  2. I can relate to the smoking thing as it's something that plagues me,I smoke too much and more when stressed. and I think my OCD plays a part in smoking even if I don't really want one,I think about smoking and simply have to have one. stupidly I've even used smoking as a form of self-harm in the past when I've been low I've thought,sod it I'll smoke more and it will shorten my life,stupid I know .
  3. Thanks for the answers guys I need to take time to study them as I'm finding it a little difficult to concentrate at the minute,I'm not quite sure what is going on with me currently. i feel a bit like I'm not really here and I'm watching life through a TV! It's a weird sort of feeling,very confusing,I havnt had any major traumas so not quite sure what's lead to this,I'm going out walking every night but feeling a bit trapped with work and not been able to get to go.
  4. I'm trying to think where to start on the journey
  5. Do others feel mixed up and confused like nothing makes sense
  6. Are you meaning physically or mentally?
  7. Yes I know I'm responsible for my problems just don't know where to start
  8. Glad to hear that in what way?
  9. Do other people feel that their lives are hugely complex compared to others?
  10. There seems to be a lot of things that confuse me
  11. In what way Carole?
  12. Ok I will do ash but can anybody tell me why I feel like I do
  13. I'm going to have a bath,everything just feels so completely pointless to me and I don't know why? I have a fairly easy life but nothing interests me
  14. Nothing like that no,I'm home now and don't know what to feel I just feel numb and dont know what to do with myself
  15. I came home from work early today as I had some kind of situation where was shaking uncontrollably,crying and feeling faint could this just be anxiety??