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  1. Absolutely, there's the old, often unwitting conceit that sufferers (sometimes) feel that their OCD is somehow worse, more torturous, more 'relevant' than other sufferers. It's absolutely not so. Just OCD's crafty MO.
  2. Bad OCD day

    With OCD life is a trigger. They're not the problem.
  3. panic attack

  4. panic attack

    No matter how it might feel at the time, it will pass.
  5. Nothing strange there - don't suppose that OCD is logical. So, are you going to implement some steps to move forward constructively?
  6. Man, you're in a hurry. Slow down. And, welcome to the forum!
  7. Not inappropriate, just sounds very much like OCD doing its thing. Ever thought of seeking (the right) therapy? I suspect you know what you should do, but implementing it (not ritualizing) sometimes not so easy. From a cognitive POW - try to keep in mind that OCD is the worst contaminant of all, far worse than that possible minuscule trace element drop of semen you're stressing about.
  8. Life and ocd

    Your OCD may be terrible, but your English is fine.
  9. Life and ocd

    Grammar note - have had is the present perfect tense. It just means, thus far, so far, until now. It makes no judgement about the future. That's to say, there's nothing inherently negative there.
  10. To the OP - you refer to 'no doubt' - but I think you're wrong, you obviously have a doubt about the measure of 'importance'. Just OCD doing its inane thing. Move on.
  11. Useful, but depressing thread. It's terrible how at this late stage (even) those who should be informed, have insight into the disorder, can be clueless. If apparent mental health professionals can be so ignorant - no wonder there are gross misconceptions with the public at large.
  12. I’m back Herpes....

    I've said it before - OCD can really be psychosis-like at times. Note: I use 'like'.
  13. I’m a horrible person.

    It's very common for sufferers of OCD to feel like they're the worst person in the world. From a cognitive point of view, trying to be the opposite - a 'good' person - is bound to fail, since no one is perfect, everyone has done things they're ashamed of - lied, stolen, not told the truth, compromised themselves etc. OCD will randomly pick up on things. It's the principle of taking the opposite approach with OCD - if we're all horrible (it's a simplified laying it on thick reference to just being human), no one is.
  14. OCD in my job as a mechanic

    Yep, it's a pretty good assessment about changing jobs - OCD would promptly follow along. The job isn't the problem, the disorder is. By the same token the thoughts (the doubts) aren't the problem, your reaction to them is. Easy to offer advice, I know, but don't let an inane disorder get in the way of your life and work. PS Keep in mind, with OCD if it's not one thing it'll only be another.