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  1. Concur with Snowbear - you just happen to have a good memory.
  2. 'My brain does this weird thing ...' There's your answer. It's a compulsion - straightfoward reassurance seeking - or 'testing' - also a compulsion.
  3. Sorry to see your post has been languishing here for a couple of days. I guess the main forum gets checked more often. As an OCD sufferer, what you describe sounds like quintessential OCD. Difficult enough for an adult to grasp, more so, I would imagine, for a young one. The good news is that with the right therapy your son can be much better. I'm not in the UK. but I guess OCD-UK might be able to offer advice re treatment. Incidentally, you seem to have a pretty good insight into the disorder. Best of luck, to you and your family.
  4. Sorry mate, a bit of clarification. It was a lightheated comment. Telling someone that being repulsed by thoughts separates one from those who could perform such acts, could be seen as (a sort of) reassurance.
  5. Glad you added that last sentence ... otherwise a reassurance alert might have been due.
  6. I think it has a relatively high co-morbidity with BPD.
  7. If you want 'certainty' parodoxically you have to be prepared to accept uncertainty. The more attention you give it - the less you'll have.
  8. Remember Kate, it doesn't matter how you feel, it's what you do that counts.
  9. Kate, luv, as said, you know the drill. I'm not going to respond to that. As said, wish you the best.
  10. The fact that you're asking the question on an OCD forum, and is evident by your number of posts far from the first time, might give you the answer.
  11. Well, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is the thoughts are returning - the good news - you've been here before. You know the drill. The thoughts and fears - as real as the pain is - are irrelevant. Treat them as such. Best of luck with the job, and the driving test.
  12. I agree, it's a misnomer. I think it's all right as a quick/easy reference to describe primarily mental rituals, if it's followed up with some qualification - I often use 'so-called ...'
  13. Life isn't fair, everyone gets it in some way. With OCD you're very often damned if you do ... damned if you don't - but you're more damned if you give in to your compulsions. Easy to say, but let it go. You're not a newbie to the disorder - remember, OCD is ever demanding 'just one more ritual and I'll be ok' is its MO. Let the thoughts come, but don't engage with them, and nip that stupid ruminating in the bud. Take care.