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  1. Apologies for the spelling mistakes, damn autocorrect
  2. Hi, not sure if anyone remembers me I haven't been on here in years. I have been managing the OCD quite well, but it still digs its horrible flaws in sometimes. Tonight is one of those times. I've had a busy few years since I posted last, biggest news of all is I now have a son! He is the most amazing and perfect little person, and I strive to fight OCD that little bit harder every day so that he doesn't grow up with it affecting his life. The worry I am currently having, is I have a cold sore. My son has eczema, and ive recently become aware of a complication called eczema herpeticum, which can be serious. I am trying so hard to minimise the risks of me spreading the virus to him, but tonight while I was feeding him before bed he reached up and touched my face. I can't be sure if the sleeve of his baby gro touched the cold sore or not. My OH (I talked about my hyper responsibility towards him in the past) thinks its my OCD that's telling me to change his clothes, and just up leave him. A rational part of my mind is listening, and so I have fought the urge to wake him and change him, but ice is there spouting it's **** with the what ifs. I have had a few phases of 'if you don't do such and such something will happen to him' but if I write it all down it would be a novel. I'm not looking for reassurance here, I just wanted to get it out. Hi again, if any old faces are reading this
  3. dog mess!!

    Hi Legend Thanks for the reply, as usual you are right just the ocd trying to have a dig!! Hope things are well with you xx
  4. hey everyone, sorry to be a pain, but i am freaking out. things have been ok lately, but today i stepped in dog mess on my way to work. i tried cleaning them, and gave up in the end and threw them away. now i am sitting at work with no shoes on. i feel so unclean, i used hot water to try and clean them, after removing most of it, but the water was steamy and am somehow convinced i have inhaled germs through the steam, i also feel like my hands are dirty and everything i touch is getting contaminated. i should point out that in my true ocd nature, i have already washed my hands several times with hot water and soap, but am freaking out because it is just regular soap, not antibacterial. help please!
  5. Hiya, I haven't been on here for a while either, just found email saying you left a comment. How are you? I have just noticed that we both had a birthday around the same time, only you're still young and I'm old lol.

    Let me know how you're doing. Hope all is good xxx

  6. Hi everyone, it's been a while i hope you are all doing well I am still doing ok, trying hard not to let ocd have a go, and progress is still very good Anyway, I got to thinking, does anyone else have a contamination fear of cleaning products?? I know, sounds quite wierd, as 90% of the time i spend cleaning my house etc, i am worried about whether i have "cleaned everything properly" and wondering if there are any dangerous germs left anywhere that might harm me or my boyfriend, I mean I am the girl who has been known to wash her arms and face after doing the dishes "just incase any contaminated water splashed me" and would somehow find it's way into my mouth.... anyway, back to the point! I can quite honestly say i am more scared now of bleaches and cleaning products, than i am of germs, which is bizarre lol when i clean the bath or sink, i rinse it many times just to make sure all of the product is off, i am now spending time when i clean wondering if i've left any harmful chemicals lying around!! I know in essence it is exactly the same as being worried about germs, but i just find it funny that i can go from washing my hands with kitchen antibac wipes IN PREPARATION to wash them with red hot water and antibac soap, to then being freaked out about the very stuff i used to rely on........... i tell you ocd is blooming wierd! Ah well, i will find a happy medium lol Sorry this post is probably a completely random and pointless one, as i'm not seeking advice or anything, merely sharing my strange thoughts!
  7. I'm good today thanks Duckfoot. Ahh, I hope your house move goes well, stressful but exciting to get a new place to live!? Glad you're doing well :) xx

  8. thinks a glass of wine in the sun is the plan after work!

  9. Hello :) Just checking you're ok? xx

  10. have a great holiday gemini!

  11. Hi Cam things are going good for me thanks good for you deciding to play the ps3, we all need to take some time out to do things we enjoy! i knowc what you mean about wanting me time, and then feeling lonely, my boyfriend works shifts and i sometimes think it'll be great to have the house to myself for a few hours, so i can just totally slob out and do whatever i want, and then when the time comes, i miss having him around and get really bored and lonely very quickly! lol i find that when i know things are going to trigger my ocd, it is easier to lable them as that and forget about it, its when things hit me out of the blue that i don't have so much luck with! How are you doing today? i hope you're feeling better
  12. Hi Cam, I know you will already know this, as HIV has been a massive problem for you, so you've been through all of the possible contamination risks etc, but i'm going to point it out again, coz it's kinda important. Prolonged exposure to mysterious red/brown dots can, in fact, put you at risk of TOTAL OCD OVERLOAD!!!!! Just forget about it hin, they could have been anything, i know you're stressed but your parents will be going home soon and you can relax again, do a little something to take your mind off it, a walk, a nice hot bath, an afternoon of ps3, whatever you like, just relax and distract and you will be fine xx
  13. OCD-UK Facebook Fan Page

    Lucy and Paranoidocdandrid, i felt this way for a while, i first came accross this page before christmas, but i thought the other day sod it who cares if my friends see? and joined the group/became a fan, i am a fan of lots of different groups, some of which are alot "stranger" than this one, and no one has ever commented! if you don't feel comfortable doing it, thats ok, you can still view the page to see the updates etc. but if you can, try and become a fan, sod what anyone thinks!
  14. Hi Hayley Yep once with warm soapy water is definately ok, the ocd is bound to kick in and tell you to do it again and again but you're strong, you can tell ocd where to go i'm probably not the best person to advise on the antibacterial gel, because like you i would use this if i was out and had to pick it up, but every single person i know who owns dogs who don't have ocd, don't do this lol maybe someone else who doesn't have contamination fears and who has dogs could advise you better, like you say you need to take good care of your hands and if theres one thing garaunteed to make them worse it's antibacterial gel! maybe it would be best if you waited to wash your hands until you got home, or take some cleaning wipes with you, something thats gentler on your hands maybe. Sorry i hope i'm not sounding silly! I hope this helps a little, you will really enjoy having your puppy especially when you get past these worries
  15. aw hayley that is amazing, i'm sure your little puppy will bring you and your fmily soo much happiness i have 2 cats and i must admit i don't tend to the litter tray, not really due to my contamination issues (much.. lol) but because it falls into my boyfriends list of household duties (it being pretty much the only thing on the list, i do everything else!!) but i have done it before in the past, if he forgets before he goes to work or if he is poorly or something, and i just use a small bag, inside out like a glove like patsy mentioned, throw it in the bin and then wash my hands once and thats really all you need to do as to house training, just a quick clean up of "accidents" with dettol/carpet cleaner really is all you need to do, it's not the nicest thing to have a pet doing it's business in your home but it doesn't take long to house train pups and at least dacshunds have small poops! Good luck with your new addition, i'm sure you'll cope just fine! Aw and ravens i am so jealous that you have a hedgehog!! xx