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  1. :happybday: xx 

    1. Snowdog


      Happy birthday hope you have a great day x 

  2. Ouch, Phili! That must be so sore but, as Ashley says, it's not an issue that needs a psychologist. Keep it clean and it should heal - it may need a visit to a GP/nurse to clean it but it really shouldn't lead to anything more than a sore toe. Take care whitebeam
  3. My OCD started with thoughts of the possibility of having contracted AIDS in circumstances which were impossible to have done so.......however, one fleeting thought led to several years of fear of contamination...... If you can, don't give in and check with your GP or get re-tested.....this really does only fuel your fears and compulsions. It is an amazingly strong fear and disorder - but it can be overcome. The less you check, the less you need to check and, conversely, the more you check, the more you need to check - it really can spiral out of control. You seem to have a good feel that it is OCD rather than actual illness so try to keep that in mind. I found medication (the right one that was found after several which didn't help) and a good psychologist really helpful in my recovery. Take care whitebeam
  4. I had a problem with strange facial movements when I was on Risperidone - I developed really unpleasant side effects so I would go with PolarBear and say, definitely, go to your GPor psychiatrist. Take care
  5. Hi drac I found Clomipramine really helpful. I was started on a high dose - 225mg daily. I think this med was mostly responsible for my recovery.........I would definitely consider speaking to your GP about the regime. Good luck. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.
  6. I'm glad to hear it's only a year without a conference due to circumstances and not a policy change..........I've never been to Glasgow - might be interesting - and I wait to see where it might be in England later in the year.
  7. Previous conferences have been great, lostinme, I've been to 3 or 4 - Manchester, Bristol, Derby and, maybe, Bournemouth ..oh and Cambridge - so 5!....it's been great to meet up with people from the forum and then to meet up again at susequent conferences. I'm sure the webinar will be good though.
  8. Oh...I'm a bit disappointed about that - I'm not great with reading stuff or watching stuff online - guess I'm just showing my age...........to me not the same as meeting people and hearing talks and so on...........I hope it's a great success though.
  9. Hi. I've been looking for details ref this year's conference but haven't been able to find any. Please can someone let me know where and when it is this year? I have a feeling it's in the south and I am hoping to be able to go. Thanks, peeps
  10. How are you now, Phili?


    1. Phili


      Not so great to be honest

  11. Oh Phili - it all sounds so awful for you - for you all. It sounds as if your dad may not have been well - but he obviously didn't behave kindly to you when you were not well. It won't be easy, but I think it would be best if you could put it behind you....try to forgive him - or at least accept that what he did - but also try to forgive yourself - although I don't really think there is anything to forgive - perhaps acceptance is what you should hope for.. I don't think in your reactions you have anything to feel guilty about or need to forgive yourself for, but I think the whole situation must have been so terrible, so difficult.......if you can accept what happened - what he did/said, how you thought and felt....and then accept it is in the past and try to move on.... I am so sorry,Phili, that things have been so difficult for you..... I think what Ashley has said about giving yourself comfort and peace is really right......if you can achieve these I think you will be able to move on and hopefully find relief and beable to move forwards. Thinking of you xx
  12. That's brilliant, Phil. Good for you for fighting your corner
  13. A really good response, Ashley - calm and measured. Important to put out this sort of statement. i echo your good wishes for her family and also the words of her husband who urges everyone to unite in the fight against hatred. Definitely the best response to hatred is to show forgiveness and love - but not many of us are able to respond in that way.
  14. Thank you, Alexander, I think you're right
  15. Yes - it was an awful experience - I believe it led to me having a breakdown. However, if it works for others and is better monitored - it can be worth a try.