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  1. i've had dreams similar to your dream about handling dirty things/being touched by dirty hands, and myself then having dirty hands. But your dream that has completely randomnly tryed to introduce a new trigger seems quite strange. I know I cant say it was just a dream, but you never had this new worry in real life before so try to tell yourself, if you can, that it isn't a 'real' worry, you never thought about it before and this one dream shouldnt dictate your life. If you dreamt you were doing a crime, you know you're not a criminal so its easier not to worry about, and I guess a similar principle applies with this dream
  2. I wish I could help you . I'm the opposite, I don't care enough about what people think about me (maybe you could help me with that?!). I don't know if it's any help, or even if it's true, but if you are quite quiet then maybe it's that old thing of out of sight and out of mind - like maybe theyre not thinking about you as much as your mind thinks. Do people mention how quiet you are often?
  3. Like things that can set off an OCD episode I think
  4. I'm in pretty much the exact same situation as you apart from I've stopped worrying about not working and don't much care anymore even though I can't keep up with rent if I don't work. I guess the only thing I can say is that maybe it is good that you are worried/anxious about returing to work in the sense that you have some will to go back. Look at it this way maybe - you were reluctant about not getting out of bed. It's just getting over the triggers that is tricky but there is part of your mind cheering you on . I hope some part of this made sense. Take care Keshav
  5. Man it sounds like part of your problems are a trouble with God. I've been meaning to phone my local church and speak to the father there for years now but I've been too scared. I can't really give you advice that I may not carry out myself but it may help you
  6. Arite that's good! Yeah meant the mental illness one, that's good to know. Cheers
  7. Hey Charmainee, Is the website that you found any good at all?
  8. I think there's different approaches for different people. A more long term/step by step approach suits some people and a more aggressive approach suits others. One size definitely don't fit all especially when it comes to the intricacies of the human mind!
  9. I'm curious cos I'm in a similar sitiuation to you with regards to not being able to meet people or leave the house much and started on one of these dating sites. I think for me its a feeling of I want someone to get better for in a way. Of course I'd like to get better for my family, mum and gran in particular, but I kinda feel they've obviously always been involved in my life and so its difficult cos theyre so close and entwined in the whole thing. Does any of this chime with you? I agree with previous posters though about the timing of telling people on the site about your OCD - definitely about when you feel comfortable and it sounds like you have a clear reasoning in your head about why you told the guy when you did and I think that that's a positive thing. If he decides he doesn't want to get involved then he ain't no good.
  10. Cool man, hope it makes things a bit better.
  11. I know you won't feel like it but could you maybe arrange a time to speak to her tonite on the phone and perhaps in between now and then maybe go out and get something nice to eat (treat yourself in a way I guess) and you'll be able to be out with the thought that "oh I've got something nice to look forward to later". Of course I don't know how practical these short term things would be with regards to your OCD and your anxieties and fears - would they allow you to be out and about?
  12. Hi Forestchild. I know this post was a while ago so hope things are OK. I have quite a similar issue to your daughter, with regards to the cooking of meat, fish and eggs at least, cos I'm a veggie to. Mine got so bad that I had to move out of my family's place. I was just wondering on a coping day how does she behave? Infact likewise Chris58? How much better do they function? Would you say that both of your childrens 'off days' are largely triggered by situations that happen at home? I don't really know what I'm talking about and Mels advice to read the literature on this site is of course the way to go. I would say this though; if you can help your kids in the short term by appeasing them, then it might help everyone to think a bit clearer. When I was living at home and my folks cooked meat, I couldn't eat indoors, I had to soap out my mouth in the morning. I couldn't sleep, eat, drink, talk or even breath in my own home and it drove me to do and say really uncharacteristic things. It was like a warzone and I left before my full course of CBT cos I couldn't cope living with them. If you can create a 'safer' environment (even if it is caving in to their OCD)and rebuild relationships and decide collectively a plan by persisting with the GP's and OCD specialists then I think the plan might be more likely to succeed.
  13. Hey, Arbitor. Can I just ask, do you think this conflict in your mind is OCD related? I know how you feel kind of. I'm a veggie to but I have this massive fear of spiders. Can barely type the word cos now I feel like ones going to appear in my room. Anyway, up until a year ago I hoovered them up (killed them) which made me feel such a hideous hipocrite. I felt awful because it went against my morals. So I started catching and throwing them out the window. Anyway my point I guess is that perhaps your feelings maybe aren't OCD related. Have you looked at other things which could give you Omega 3? Also I know how you mean about like how your OCD almost says 'I dare you to go fishing'. For others its 'I dare you to kill your family'. It's difficult to ignore the images and I cant really give you any advice about taming them. The only thing I can say is that me and you, and sooooo many other OCD sufferers, haven't acted on these 'extreme/obscene' images... Hope hthat helps.
  14. I watched the programme last night because it was about cows. I already knew about the diffrent uses for cow parts that they talked about in the programme. It didn't so much make me depressed as annoyed. The next programmes are about sheep and pig parts though and I don't know nearly as much about the products from these creatures. The two saddest things about the show was the killing of the animals (which was shown) and the fact that none of the members of the public who witnessed it thought much differently afterwards about the products they bought. Infact they said they will appreciate them more now knowing the amount of work it took by manufacturers and most of them said they had a new found respect for the people behind the processes. Actually, I take back what I said at the start, it was depressing and it did make me loose even more respect for "humanity".
  15. Thank you for your kind words Servalan. I think there's definately a part of me that wishes I will be empowered but realistically I think it will make me worse. But I think your right, I already have plenty of reasons or incentives to fight for what I believe in, should I wish to do so. I guess this would be looking for one fight too many perhaps, but we are gluttons for punishment aren't we!