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bdd about hair?

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Hi - Im new to this site. I have become increasingly preoccupied with my hair over the past few years and its now got to the point where its wrecking my life. Ive always had very fine straight hair and have always kept it short because its unmanageable when longer. It looks bizarre all the time no matter what i do with it.I am constantly washing and restyling it - sometimes up to 5 times a day on a bad day but it never looks right. When its really bad I get panic attacks and end up ringing differnet hairdressers to try and get it made better. It looks Ok for a couple of days then the cycle starts again. Im spending money I cant afford on hairdressers and Im sure they think Im weird because I constantly ask when they are cutting it if its even. I have highlights and when my roots show through that panics me horrendoulsy - even though logically I know if you colour your hair you are always going to get roots. I know this all sounds really bizarre but its causing me immense distress. I check my hair in the mirror constantly, take pictures on my phone to try and see what it looks like to other people etc and it seems to be all i think about from morning til night. Im glad to go to sleep just to get a break from it. My mother is always quite critical of my hair - tells me its too short or the colour is wrong and I think that might be where it stems from. Anyway - Id love to hear from anyone who might have some similar concerns. Ive tried to talk to my doctor but he just doles out antidepressanst which dont seem to be working. I dont know whether its nconnected but I have other rituals that i do - before i go to bed I check the doors/windows are locked/ovens turned off several times or else I can't sleep. Thanks for reading this.

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