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Compulsively confessing

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Hello all. 

I have a strong desire to confess about almost everything, especially things that involve  family and friends. Always when i think i might have said or thought about something that is like negative about them in any way, i feel ive made a mistake and i start feeling really guilty, and thus making me wanting there approval that its ok, and they wont be mad at me. 

What can i do about this? 

Especially right now my anxiety is going through the roof since im having a party at my place tonight and i already thought about a couple of things i want to confess to certain people.

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The solution is really simple: Stop doing it. Every time you confess some meaningless thing you're setting yoursrlf up for further intrusive thoughts that you need to confess something else.

It will be hard. Your anxiety will rise from not confessing. But it will pass and you'll be teaching yourself that it's okay to let these things go.

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