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Hi all, just wanted a bit of advice. Past week I've been feeling really spaced out don't know if anyone's ever felt like that? Like finding it hard to ignore the intrusive thoughts although I've had therapy I'm finding it really difficult to not allow the thoughts to effect me negatively an the thoughts are always the same in which I've spoken to my therapist about so how come my anxiety still heightens when I get a certain thought? Also I've been fed up in general I know everyone gets like that every now an then so I try not to dwell but I've been overthinking the whole thing when texting a girl, like sometimes I'm doubting myself an say when I'm texting a girl worrying if I'm boring her or say for instance if I don't have much to say one day or I'm not in the mood then is it a bad thing not to text/communicate all the time? I just don't want to give off a bad impression like as if not interested, basically what I mean is that my OCD/ Anxiety seems to be fine one day then rough the next an because I have a lot on my mind an feel spaced out i worry that I can't think of anything to say when texting. Also I've found that some days I feel so spaced out that I don't feel too much emotion like it I'm upset I don't cry is this common in OCD?

Any advice or help with be great 

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Hi, don't know how helpful or not this is going to be but here goes:!

I know what it's like to have variations in emotions and mood.  For me, I guess it's linked to medication and what other things are going on for me.  I think it's important to have people in my life who can understand this.  In terms of new relationships though,  I suppose it's hard because we're not necessarily ready to tell new people all the ins and outs of our mental health and we don't want to scare them off..   I'd like to think that for me, if the person is the right kind of person for me, then they will need to have to understand at some point...  So for me, it would be important to be able to be honest with them relatively early on.   If you're not ready to be honest with each other about this type of stuff then maybe it doesn't matter whether or not you've bored her or not communicated with her at the right times, or whether you are giving off a bad impression cos you're not that emotionally close anyway!  (I'm female, 38)

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