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Advice re accessing specialist treatment

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Hi, I've never posted on a forum before so please correct me if I get anything wrong! This seems like a great community and Ive finally joined!

I have had severe diagnosed ocd for ten years or so (predominantly contamination but just right/emotional rather than harm if that makes sense). I have had multiple courses of CBT in different areas of the UK and tried different medications but have generally been told I need more specialised help?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience/advice of getting help in London, particularly a referral to a specialist unit (in or outpatient)? I think I am in the catchment area for the Maudsley but my community mental health team aren't being very clear with the pathways.

Would be interested to hear any thoughts or experiences.

Edit; sorry forgot to mention, I've read about referrals but have not found info about being within a catchment area for CADAT/Maudsley makes any difference or if it goes through same process? 

Thanks very much!

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Where is it you live exactly?  

I was talking to Dr Blake Stobie at CADAT about this earlier in the week actually, so I can try and clarify for you if you need me to.  One issue, which I actually have some political concerns about, but which might be worth you knowing is that another patient in their catchment area qualified for national treatment so was given treatment through the HSS funding scheme. So that may be an option if you meet the clinical criteria.


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