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keep thinking about having to go to the toilet even though I just went

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as soon as I leave my house all I am thinking about is needing to pee i have been to the doctors and nothing seems wrong I won't think about it when I'm home because I know there is a toilet just would like to know if anyone knows any ways to help cope/prevent these thoughts. 



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Hi Brennan.

What might be happening is your brain is focused on being near a bathroom at all times. Probably at one point you needed to go and were not near a bathroom and that caused anxiety and that led to your mind paying particular attention to where you were and how close to a bathroom you were.

My best advice at this time is, when you get thoughts like that (like when you walk out the door), think "Oh well, no big deal," then continue on your way. Then you've got to keep your mind busy with something else, kind of give it an alternative to focus on. Your attitude should be that this is no big deal, it's a pain in the butt but it's going to go away because you know what to do. Practice that and let's see how you do.

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thanks for the reply? recently it hasn't been to bad because I have not been constantly thinking about it I've mainly been having intrusive thought so I not focused in that at the min.

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