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Hi does anyone relate to feeling impulsive in general..I'm not sure if it's the correct way of describing it? Might be the wrong word I don't know.

Say I need to be somewhere by a certain time I will wait till the last minute then rush and panic...and I'll do it again and again when I know I could get ready earlier? I feel also sometimes like if I must get up and do something... I freeze and don't move.

If someone is waiting for me I tend to do things that could wait till later and hold them up..

Or if I'm performing a task and I see an easier way to do it I'll still stick with the difficult way sometimes...?

If I am afraid to drop a phone or electrical item and damage it I end up risking it without a protective case or be less careful than I want to be. I don't know why, because all it would cause me is misery and upset.

If something breaks for example we have a window vac in the bathroom (sounds so random!) and the steam broke the first one, yet I still leave the new one in there and just think nah it'll be ok. Why?

I just noticed I am really weird with things... Like I set myself up to fail or be upset.

I don't want to be wreckless atall.

I'm wondering if this is part of OCD and impulsive or compulsive behaviour? It's like I NEED a problem.

Anyone follow? Or relate?

This is something I have wondered about for a long time.

I have always had worries... And if I don't have one I create one. I feel both lost with and without worry. It's odd.

Thank you for reading x

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I think I too always need a problem in order to feel 'normal' like being worried or anxious is necessary in some way. But I know many many people with no mental health problems that do stuff like you've said. Every human being alive has plenty of weird obsessions and behaviour patterns. To be human is to be irrational. The difference is that most people don't worry too much about them. Don't get me started on my husband 😁. Sometimes in our quest towards self understanding and solving our problems, we forget how natural and normal some of our quirks might be.

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