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This is a technique I was taught in CBT one to one therapy, and I have found it extremely useful and powerful. 

We say it often, but we do have to take responsibility for our own recovery. 

This means that as soon as reasonably practical - especially with the short duration of free CBT in the UK - we need to be ready to put into practice what we have learned - in effect to "fly solo".

This can feel a very lonely place, but then the OCD twin technique can come into its own. 

Think of someone you respect greatly who is either a non-sufferer, or who does not suffer from your theme of OCD.He or she can now become your "OCD twin". 

When the OCD thinking that bugs you intrudes, think how your OCD twin would respond to that thought. 

You will likely determine that they would experience the thought, realise it to be an unwanted intrusion, pay it no attention and refocus onto something useful, probably what they were thinking about before the intrusion occurred. 

You realise that this is the correct approach - they are giving no meaning to the intrusion, not connecting with it, not compulsing about it. 

So you recognise that this is what you should be doing - your OCD twin is acting, remotely and in your own mind, as a powerful mentor. 

I found this a terrific technique, really helpful until I became much better personally at treating intrusions as unwanted mental chaff - just my "silly obsession".

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