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Was this a big cancer risk?

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I don't usually post things like this but I genuinely don't know if this is legit.


I had some hot chocolate with a plastic spoon. I poured freshly boiled water right over it! It is a known fact that even BPA-free plastic can contain carcinogens that you may ingest if it's heated.

It might not be so bad if you're just stirring it, but the water poured over it, so there was both heat and pressure. 

This was at a hot chocolate social, and I felt awkward going there and not taking a cup. I really regret it though. 

I could have just given myself cancer.

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I am actually not sure if this is hypochondria or OCD and if it even matters. However i can relate to your worry. I don't even use my waterboiler because there is a plastic thing inside it. BPA-free of course... but still not safe enough. 

It is however very bad to worry to this extent. Because it has no end, you will end up worrying about everything. 

I would like to see some input on this one!

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How many people have you met in your life who have expressed concern about getting cancer from pouring hot liquid onto a piece of plastic? That would be a great indicator of how much you should worry about this.

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Hi Ineedahug, 

I think it's OCD because the effects of plastics would be cumulative so that long-term exposure to lots of plastics might cause a slight cancer risk but one exposure is very unlikely to pose a health risk.


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