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#454440 Please refrain from using HOCD, ROCD and POCD acronyms.

Posted by Ashley on 12 June 2013 - 12:00 AM

Forum regulars will know that a real bugbear of mine is the use of acronyms such as HOCD, ROCD and POCD, I even saw a rarely mentioned term, COCD used on here once too.  


These acronyms are pointless for a number of reasons, firstly lets get this straight right off the bat, they do not exist, these terms are NOT medical terms.  But if you want other reasons for my belief that these terms are unhelpful and harmful, in some cases they are used as a form of avoidance over using the real words, in other cases some people don't know what the acronyms stand for and have been used to describe different things leading to confusion. Other reasons why I despise the use of such terms is because I have seen some people delay getting treatment because they are mistakenly trying to find experts for the symptom, the 'flavour', the R, H or P part, not the illness itself. I know that using the term 'despise' is a strong word, but when the use of these acronyms leads to delays in treatment then it is not a positive, it really is a great big negative.


But the main reason for my post is to highlight another reason why it is really important not to think of OCD as anything but OCD. Please don't ever pigeon hole your OCD into one thing such as contamination, or any of the above acronyms, because OCD rarely does remain stagnant on one area, over time it will shift its focus onto different things... one day it might be fear of being gay (HOCD) but a year down the line when  you are happy in a relationship and expecting a baby, the OCD will suddenly make you fear harming your new baby, perhaps even as a paedophile (POCD) - a good example of where the common denominator and real problem is the OCD part.


What this means is the real problem in the way we allow the OCD to interpret the everyday thoughts each and every one of us gets, the OCD mechanism is the problem, the way we allow obsessive thoughts cause anxiety leading to various compulsions.  Other issues are problems also in most of us with OCD, regardless of type, sometimes it is the way  our OCD converts the risks from a realistic 1% to make us believe the risk is more likely a 99% risk, and also often that heightened sense of responsibility can play a factor. 






However, as I point out earlier in this post, the real problem is not the 'flavour' of OCD, so asking if you have HOCD, ROCD, or POCD is the wrong question, instead the question you must ask is if you have OCD.   I guarantee over time the 'flavour' will shift, so if you try and treat the 'flavour' you are taking yourself down the wrong road, the important thing is to recognise what you have is OCD, nothing but OCD. 


Perhaps to illustrate this is a tale from my own OCD of recent weeks. For a long time my OCD has focussed on the obsessive fear of contamination, causing constant washing compulsions... contamination OCD, or as I rather ridiculously saw it used on here once, COCD.   Over the years I have had minor traits of other 'flavours'.  However, a couple of weeks ago the OCD got the better of me in a big and unexpected way, resulting in me spending 90 minutes driving a good 50 miles to 'check'. 


Long story short, two months back some idiot reversed into my parked car outside my house. My car is parked on a dead-end country lane so no passing traffic.  Anyway, had my car repaired, new bumper.  On my way home from collecting the car back from the garage I passed a layby with a traffic cone sitting there doing nothing, discarded I thought, so I stopped, took it, and placed it proudly in front of my car to stop any other morons reversing into my car.  (They are actually bigger than they look, only just got it in my car!).    All good, until 24 hours later and the thought popped into my head... 'what if the cone was doing something to warn drivers'.... and you know OCD, one 'what if' question led to another. 'what if another driver hits the bollards because I moved the cone?', 'What if someone is hurt because I removed the cone?' and so on... I tried to ignore, but then I started feeling guilty, and like always, Google was my enemy (OCD wise) and I checked the 'street view' to check if the cone was there a couple of years ago when Street View was last updated, and if so, was it in the same place as a warning.... of course it was, it was sat there in front of the metal barrier that separates the dual carriageway to the layby.




So despite trying to resist for a few hours, in the end the OCD got the better of me, so off I drove, a good 20 miles to be able to come back up that side of the dual carriageway to the layby.  Parked up, quickly put the cone back in place, and off I drove... or so I thought, OCD had other ideas.  I got back off the main A road, and then another 'what if?', 'What if I have not put the cone back in the right spot?'... so I did a U-turn and went back onto the Dual carriageway and drove another 10 miles to be able to come off, and drive past the layby again... expect as I drove slowly past, I did not get chance to check it correctly, so I had to do it all over again.  In the end I did maybe 50 miles because of my OCD that night, and not a sign of contamination fears in this one.


So the morale of this story is firstly not to take something that is not yours, and secondly that regardless of the 'flavour of OCD', the problem is the way we allow our OCD to interpret the thoughts, in this case that heightened sense of responsibility was a significant factor, so my usual 'contamination' or in this case the 'checking' flavour that took over me that day was not the problem, it is the actual OCD itself and not being able to accept the uncertainty.


Don't get me wrong, I am not dismissing the genuine fears of all these types of OCD, be the fears are simply the Obsessive part of the OCD cycle and it is imperative that to help people make progress in tackling their OCD, it is diagnosed for what it is, OCD and treated for what it is, OCD.   The 'flavour' is merely the target for your OCD that day, so we can resolve the 'flavour' problem by getting rid of the thing causing the 'flavour', the OCD! 


I hope my waffle helps one or two people :)



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#377545 My Facebook Status Today

Posted by Ooba on 28 September 2011 - 01:47 PM

October 10th - 16th is OCD Awareness Week. I am an OCD sufferer, I don't just wash my hands a bit or clean my home really well, it runs a lot deeper and can cause tremendous suffering.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has ranked in the top ten of the most disabling illnesses of any kind, in terms of lost earnings and diminished quality of life - it really is a serious illness, and affects as many as 12 in every 1000 people (1.2% of the population) from young children to adults, regardless of gender or social or cultural background.

Deep inside the brain lies a structure called the caudate nucleus. Scientists worldwide have studied this structure and believe that, in people with OCD, the caudate nucleus may be malfunctioning.

To gain a deeper understanding take a look at http://www.ocduk.org/types-ocd
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#310791 Before Making Your First Post

Posted by OCD-UK on 12 December 2009 - 01:25 PM

Right now you are perhaps feeling anxious and upset and are desperate to reach out for help for your OCD, this is a normal reaction for most people when finding our forums. What you are experiencing right now we can assure you that you really are not alone and your forum predecessors have perhaps expressed similar feelings before, which means many of the answers you are searching for right now are perhaps already available to you.

So before posting we recommend just taking a moment to review these suggestions first.

1. The main OCD-UK website is full of helpful resources and information about treatments, including CBT therapy and medications, so visit the main OCD-UK website at www.ocduk.org and spend some time reading through it.

2. Use the 'Search' facility on the forums to help you find open discussions on the subject you wish to discuss, the search facility will help you find many discussions relevant to the problems you're facing right now and often you will find there is already a very active discussion relevant to your specific form of OCD. Use relevant keywords like 'contamination', 'checking', 'intrusive' for example. The advanced search facility may be helpful to narrow down search results.

3. Over the years a number of threads have proved to be helpful and we have compiled a list with links to those resources on one single forum topic called Helpful Threads. Take a moment to browse through this, the resources listed may be helpful to you now or at a later date.

4. Please take a moment to read the Forum Rules and Guidelines about what is acceptable on our forums.

5. If you are new to using online discussion forums our software help page may be helpful and answer some of your questions, this can always be found using the small Help link at the top right of the forums under your login name.

6. The forum software uses colour schemes which are called 'skins'. We all have different styles, tastes and viewing preferences so we have provided a selection of forum skin styles for you to choose your preferred viewing option. To change this scroll down to the very bottom of the page and use the far left drop down menu.

7. Although we are a UK based charity, we do have form users from right across the world. The forum posts must remain in English, but to aide our overseas members we have provided several forum navigation languages choices. To select your language use the drop down menu towards the bottom left of the forum page.

8. Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask us for help, we are here to help and support you.
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#518782 hair dye

Posted by PolarBear on 02 July 2014 - 05:05 PM

Gemzi, you say you have difficulty distinguishing between a real worry and an OCD worry. In reality there are no OCD worries for you. All of the things you've excessively worried about are technically real situations. The problem is that OCD is latching onto them and making them seem far more dangerous than they really are.

No one would be concerned about the hair dye. The reason you are is because OCD has latched onto it and blown the danger level out of proportion.

So how can you tell when OCD is tricking you or not? First, no one else around you is concerned. That happened with the crisps. You said they tasted off, someone tried them and immediately forgot about them. That person showed no concern for danger.

Second, you feel compelled to do things when OCD is at play. Those are compulsions and you do them regularly. You check on the Internet to see if it's harmful. You buy all of a product to protect other people. You post on here looking for reassurance. You catastrophize -- you think the world is going to end because of a situation. These are all compulsions and serve to tell you that OCD is at play.

So you can actually tell if OCD is tricking you or not. You just have to pay attention to the signs.
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#516473 What Are We All Doing To Tackle Our OCD Currently?

Posted by Ashley on 24 June 2014 - 07:53 AM

I'm phone typing which is not the easiest, but at last month's Nottm/Derby support groups I told my group that despite walking barefoot in my kitchen, For the last 18 month's I had not been able tontouch the kitchen floor with my hand since a mouse was in there.

So I told the group that before this month's group my challenge was to touch the floor without washing my hands to 'feel' clean. Despite thinking about it for three weeks I just could not do it. Then Thursday night, my last night at home I finally plucked up the courage and I did it, multiple times, immediately touching my face, sofa, computer etc. Felt ok, no post exposure anxiety at all.

My next challenge Is to touch the kitchen floor next to skirting boards where mousey was running and pooping. Eek.
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#431323 Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas

Posted by Ashley on 21 December 2012 - 09:31 AM

With the weekend approaching, I am mindful that many of our regular users are making plans to spend time with their loved ones, and may now be travelling over the next few days, and perhaps not online beyond today for a week or so, so I wanted to spend a moment to wish all our forum users, those registered and those that just read the forums from afar, a very peaceful and happy Christmas.

May all your wishes come true this Christmas.

Whilst wishes and dreams may not come true for all of us, I want you all to be kind to yourself when the OCD rears its damn ugly head over the next week or two. At Christmas we are often faced with having to interact with friends and family when sometimes our OCD may not want that, so please be kind to yourself, don’t be afraid or feel guilty for taking 10-15 minutes for yourself if it gets too much.

2013 will bring new challenges, personal ones for each of us, and professional ones also, but it will also bring new opportunities to explore our own personal strengths in our fight to overcome our OCD. As we make progress with our OCD, it will bring new possibilities in life, exciting and fun possibilities too!

Whilst the new opportunities that life without OCD may bring in 2013, the challenges that may first lay ahead of you we can face together, to help and support each other, and cheer each other on through the good and bad times. If we do meet and share those challenges together, we might find life a little less challenging then facing our struggles alone. So Christmas is the perfect opportunity to put old differences to one side, and work together for the good of each other, for new friendships and for our wider OCD community, together, we can, and will make a difference.

Working for the benefit of other people is something my volunteers do daily, and I want to thank them on behalf of all of us for their tireless hard work. I sometimes forget they suffer with OCD too, so giving so much of themselves to help others in distress is noble, and I thank them, from the forum mods and volunteers to those that work for the charity behind the scenes, these guys don't get enough recognition so please accept my festive wishes and gratitude for a year's amazing noble work.

Thank you to you guys too, for those that support the charity financially, or through your commitment to support our ideas and projects by getting involved in some capacity, by Tweeting our awareness messages, to helping others on the forums and for generally showing respect for the work of the charity. I thank you all for your kindness of heart and support of pocket.

Finally, Christmas for some can be lonely and isolating, so please spare a moment for someone who might need a little Christmas cheer, who might be feeling alone this Christmas, be that a friend, an elderly neighbour, or just someone from the forum. Even a simple hello over the fence, a simple PM or text message can make the world of difference for someone on their own this Christmas, say hello to someone, for them it might be the best Christmas present of all.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you may be in the world, I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas, and a peaceful, healthy and OCD free 2013.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.


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#430803 My OCD is Gone. Finally

Posted by Matthew on 17 December 2012 - 06:19 AM

I finally got through OCD. After praying, hoping, and struggling against this frustrating illness, I am now set free. For the first time today, I went on a nice relaxing trip with my Father without a single OCD thought. I am set free from this illness.

How did I do this? For the past month, I've been just stopping everything. Stopping rituals, worrying. I focus my mind on other things. It will be HELL, but it will probably get you through it. Your OCD thoughts will probably be as high as ever before, you will worry more than usual. But just stop, stop everything. Do something else, get your mind off of it. And you won't be able too, but if you just stop doing your rituals, (ocd), it will slowly fade away.
But as I said, it will be hell the first week or 2.

Now I had severe ocd and was able to overcome this. You can too. Now this method may not be for you, but try it. You'll probably lose some sleep, worry, and be very anxious. But once you train your brain that it really does not matter, you slowly start to ignore it and it will become nothing.

Now, you will ALWAYS have OCD thoughts. It's incredibly hard, maybe impossible to get the thoughts COMPLETELY away. But I have limited it so much that I only get thoughts maybe once every 2 days and hopefully even LOWER eventually. But now I ignore them, and as you do that it will dissapear from your life slowly.

Try it. If you haven't you need to. Remember, its going to be hard, and incredibly difficult, but if you want to get away from this you need to train your brain and focus on other things. Train your brain thats its really nothing to worry about, and that almost 100% of the world has no problem with it. I am only 13 years old, and excited more then ever about my future, too. Like going to NYU and moving to NYC where my father grew up.

Hopefully I can maintain this. I will probably always get occasional "side" thoughts, but lets just say its not the main focus in my life anymore.

Good luck to all of you still having major problems with this, and please message me if you like to know more or need more help with this.

Sincerely, your friend, matthew.
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#408603 post a song that relates to your ocd

Posted by Annabel on 03 July 2012 - 07:09 PM

Or a quieter one:

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#405818 Its just impossible.

Posted by FlyingPenguin on 12 June 2012 - 12:25 PM

Hang on in there, Paul, it's just a bad day.

Is there anything you can do to distract yourself/give yourself a break? Favourite film/tv show, or drinks with friends?

The thing is, you need to carry on living life as if this is just OCD, even if your OCD is telling you that it's not. You need to live in spite of those OCD thoughts and feelings and carry on as if you are a worthwhile and nice person. OCD will tell you that you're a bad person, you don't deserve to happy, you're in denial if you pretend to be normal, blah blah blah, but you have to carry on as if this is all OCD nonsense (which it is!). You can't wait to feel right, because you can't control your feelings, but you can control your actions. So change the thing you can change. This is how CBT works. If I listened to what my OCD said, I'd probably never get out of bed. It takes patience and hard work to live in spite of horrible thoughts and feelings, but you can do it, and as you keep doing it the OCD will get weaker and weaker.

OCD is a ****, but it can be beaten.

You are not alone in this. Be compassionate to yourself and don't give up.
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#387804 Dear OCD...

Posted by legend on 10 January 2012 - 08:48 PM

Dear ocd. Meet legend, the powerful one
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#377618 pocd is definately the worst type!!

Posted by Steve1983 on 28 September 2011 - 10:40 PM

Cannot stop Legend, I have AOCD (acronym ocd).
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#377556 My Facebook Status Today

Posted by Ooba on 28 September 2011 - 02:52 PM

Just put these together as status ideas....

Did you think you might throw your child from a window today?
An OCD sufferer somewhere could be avoiding their child because of this meaningless thought.

Did you stay in today for fear of contracting aids from a plaster on the street?
An OCD sufferer could be staying in today having an anxiety attack because of this meaningless thought.

Do you wash your hands repeatedly until you think its right?
An OCD sufferer could be sitting in pain right now with red raw, bleeding hands.

Did you run someone over on your way to work today?
An OCD sufferer could be retracing their journey right now, to check they didn’t because of a meaningless thought.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?
An OCD sufferer could be locked in complete fear and anxiety because of an awful thought stuck in their head.

Will you catch a life threatening illness from that public toilet on the seafront?
An OCD sufferer might have avoided a trip to the beach today because of this meaningless thought.

Have you spent months of life worrying over a thought?
An OCD sufferer somewhere, right now, could be in complete turmoil because of a meaningless thought.
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#522434 New relationship, both have OCD

Posted by StrangelyNamed on 20 July 2014 - 12:37 AM

..Did I just hook someone up on an OCD forum..

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#519249 Sorry just need to share this!!

Posted by Miranda123 on 04 July 2014 - 08:54 AM

So it has been a year just over since my ocd started.
I've worked really hard lately and this morning!! I woke up, spoke to my mum, got ready for work, drive to work etc and completely forgot about my ocd thoughts, gone. The first morning in a year it genuinely hasn't been the first thing on my mind! And into this morning it still is not bothering me in the slightest, and I feel awake and like I can't stop smiling, I feel radiant ;) haha
Keep it coming Georgie!!!!/Miranda :p
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#516128 Seeking Certainty............................

Posted by PolarBear on 22 June 2014 - 08:34 PM

I think it's an evil little gremlin inside my head. He catches thoughts headed for the junk pile and reroutes them to the panic room.
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#515801 Could use some advice

Posted by MrsF on 21 June 2014 - 04:56 PM

You don't have to suffer like this - please find out about accessing CBT.  Ive been reading all of your posts - I've been through all the gut wrenching anxiety you are going through - CBT sorted it out and after 20 plus years of similar traumas to yours.   I understand its difficult with a new job but your health and wellbeing should be paramount and a few months of help now can give you a lifetime of being free from this monster. Take care.

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#513949 World Cup 2014 - Forum Sweepstake

Posted by machiato on 13 June 2014 - 09:23 AM

Ok.... My hamster says she wants a part in this. Thats another £5.

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#506841 Am I being too selfish?

Posted by carolj on 11 May 2014 - 08:25 PM

we  have nothing to discuss i have, in every way, reached my limit with this forum.


And for that we shall be eternally grateful.  

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#501972 The POSITIVE side of OCD

Posted by AnnieX on 16 April 2014 - 01:00 PM

Well yet again I am irritated by another thread - what should have been a positive post is NOT.

Not wishing to take over your thread "heart" but want to agree with you......

I am trying to look for some positives because otherwise I might as well end it now. I am fighting for my job having disclosed my ocd, and am about to face my employer head on to advise on all the positive things about me, I was directed to ocd action who have a document positively enforcing employees with ocd . How can I use that when a number of people who are supposed to support us are saying there is no positives.

If you are saying criminals have ocd, then where's the line for those who have thoughts which are not good, oh yes we don't act, but what if we did , is that ocd gone wrong, or something else.

Some of us are sufferers and are genuinely nice people - it's all rubbish . Glad I didn't ask ocduk for help!

Yours extremely saddened and depressed,
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#498274 Thank you Taurean

Posted by mummyoftwogirls on 24 March 2014 - 10:42 PM

Tauren you advice and presence in this forum has been outstanding of late . You helped me a great deal and I can see how much your helping others !

So thank you , carry on the good work xx
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