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Before Making Your First Post

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Posted 12 December 2009 - 01:25 PM

Right now you are perhaps feeling anxious and upset and are desperate to reach out for help for your OCD, this is a normal reaction for most people when finding our forums. What you are experiencing right now we can assure you that you really are not alone and your forum predecessors have perhaps expressed similar feelings before, which means many of the answers you are searching for right now are perhaps already available to you.

So before posting we recommend just taking a moment to review these suggestions first.

1. The main OCD-UK website is full of helpful resources and information about treatments, including CBT therapy and medications, so visit the main OCD-UK website at www.ocduk.org and spend some time reading through it.

2. Use the 'Search' facility on the forums to help you find open discussions on the subject you wish to discuss, the search facility will help you find many discussions relevant to the problems you're facing right now and often you will find there is already a very active discussion relevant to your specific form of OCD. Use relevant keywords like 'contamination', 'checking', 'intrusive' for example. The advanced search facility may be helpful to narrow down search results.

3. Over the years a number of threads have proved to be helpful and we have compiled a list with links to those resources on one single forum topic called Helpful Threads. Take a moment to browse through this, the resources listed may be helpful to you now or at a later date.

4. Please take a moment to read the Forum Rules and Guidelines about what is acceptable on our forums.

5. If you are new to using online discussion forums our software help page may be helpful and answer some of your questions, this can always be found using the small Help link at the top right of the forums under your login name.

6. The forum software uses colour schemes which are called 'skins'. We all have different styles, tastes and viewing preferences so we have provided a selection of forum skin styles for you to choose your preferred viewing option. To change this scroll down to the very bottom of the page and use the far left drop down menu.

7. Although we are a UK based charity, we do have form users from right across the world. The forum posts must remain in English, but to aide our overseas members we have provided several forum navigation languages choices. To select your language use the drop down menu towards the bottom left of the forum page.

8. Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask us for help, we are here to help and support you.
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