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OCD Relevent Discussion Forums


  1. OCD in the Media

    For many of us, initial awareness of our illness came through coverage of OCD in the media. This forums provides you with the opportunity to provide constructive feedback on media coverage of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

  2. OCD Awareness - The positive and negative

    This is your place to share experiences of the positive and negative way in which OCD is viewed and spoken about.  It's also your place to share ideas about how we can work together to change perceptions about how people view OCD.

    OCD Awareness Week: in collaboration with the US based OCD Foundation we promote OCD Awareness Week each October.

  3. National Health Service (NHS) and Dept of Health (DOH)

    An opportunity to discuss and debate the National Health Service (NHS), Department of Health (DOH) and all relevant health related papers and policies relevant to mental health.

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