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  1. Relax. It doesn't matter what thoughts are in your head, OCD can't control you, your always going to be in control and therefore you would never do anything like that. Also, try to take your mind off how high up you are. Just try and focus on your day.
  2. Good plan. When it comes to OCD the right thing is always not doing whatever it wants you to do. I find that when OCD is first pressuring me to do something I feel lots of anxiety and its hard to resist but if I manage to resist it initially and get one with my day. Later on if the thought occurs again, the anxiety levels are lower and I find it easier to ignore it. So yeah, its important to get past that first point of anxiety. And obviously it's important to never give in, because when you do, you just re-convince your brain that it needs to do these things in order for everything to be ok.
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