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  1. Feeling drained and a quite down.  I know it's hardly surprising but living on my own is a real struggle right now and sleep is really poor :sad:

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    2. OB1


      Me either, although as I got into my early 20's I had female friendships too, some turned into a bit more but generally not.  I think we've evolved to live in the company of all ages and sexes, it's only the last few hundred years where we've become isolated units living amongst each other but quite separate, very British but it's not just us.  No wonder people feel more isolated especially the old but more so people my age or younger.

      My friend got back to me and said he'd just been for a run with is other half.  Would have been nice to offer to meet another time but he didn't.  I'm probably looking for something he can't offer, I think I do this sometimes.

      Did you play any sports @Avo?  I played a lot of football and for a few teams, I miss that comradery as well as the other stuff like competition and having a laugh of course!   

    3. Avo


      Sorry about your friend OB1, like you say I think people can forget or not appreciate if you are living alone. Have you tired any dating sites at all for relationships? I wonder if maybe due to the pandemic more people will feel like yourself and be thinking about finding that someone ? I accept currently you can't meet but you could strike up a rapport?

      I used to play quite a lot of football - mainly 5 a side with my mates we were in a league briefly but that fizzled out. I also quite like racket sports, Tennis, squash, Badminton but not played in years I am a tad out of shape if I am honest.

    4. OB1


      I've been using dating sites for years but no joy in meeting 'the one' so far apart from a couple of brief relationships, one of which my OCD went through the roof but I'm pretty sure I made the right decision to end it.  It's a minefield out there with some very strange people, you wouldn't believe some of the photos (not rude) and what people say, that said there are good people there too it's just sifting through the not so good ones.  I am chatting to someone at the moment so we'll see but it's hard not to be cynical because I could write a book on how many you talk to for a while and then they disappear.

      5 a side was always pretty full on when I played, no prisoner so to speak!! so easy to get injured.  I know people who played in a league and there would often be fights 😆

      Me too with the tennis and badminton, I used to play a lot.  I once beat my squash teacher at school, that was a life lesson for me as I got a pretty bad grade after that :lol: worth it though, he was a bit of an idiot. 

      Cycling and running are my thing these days, I ride and run on and off road, it's a big part of my life and helps with mental health too.

      Are you planning to get back in shape?  It's well worth it. 

  2. Blimey, just had a cry after watching a film which reminded me of how I miss having someone special in my life. 

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    2. OB1


      It’s on Netflix, called The Midnight Sky. A very depressing film to be honest. 

    3. gingerbreadgirl


      Hope you're OK ob1 xx

    4. OB1


      All good here thanks @gingerbreadgirl, feeling much more positive tonight after a really long and muddy bike ride with a friend. Made all the difference 😊 Hope you’re ok? 

  3. I didn't realise the term 'flashback' also relates to feelings when it comes to PTSD.  I always thought it was more mental visualisations. 

  4. Hi Cas Sorry to hear you feel isolated. OCD makes me feel like that too sometimes and I'd be surprised if the same can't be said for others here too. You're describing typical OCD symptoms is all I can really say about the other stuff which is far from ranty. Life is really tough at the moment and our symptoms are going to be heightened to say the least so if you have any therapy notes (if you've had therapy) I'd suggest taking a look through them. I've done it myself this morning and it's really helped.
  5. I'm struggling to do nothing.  I'm generally a really active person and feel huge guilt if I don't leave my house for a day.  It's not like I've not done anything today, I've been really busy working on my house but I still feel guilty for not having been out...I just can't be bothered is the real answer.

  6. Great film, gets me every time. Did you know James Stewart made that film after a 5 years without acting? He was a bomber pilot leader in WW2 and was 10 years older than the average pilot age of something like 24. This was the first film he did after returning, I think only a few months before when the war had finished. Sounds like he had PTSD at the time and there's one scene where he cries and that was genuine.
  7. Bacon butty and glass of Prosecco, I'm actually having a nice and peaceful morning alone (but not feeling alone) on Christmas!

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    2. daja


      Bacon butty sounds good 🙂

    3. OB1


      A late dinner for me, no turkey but lot's of sprouts, roast potatoes and veg

    4. OnlyAlex


      Merry Christmas! 

  8. Cheers Ashley, I'm actually enjoying it so far, quite nice to talk to people here whilst listening to some music and will get on the bike for an hr in a bit! I watched Spiderman Home coming the other day and was surprised about how much I liked it, on BBC iPlayer. Of course there's always Uncle Buck too Lol! Have a good day!
  9. I feel for you Dave, I've been there and agree with everything PolarBear said. When you're so overwhelmed it's not possible to see the wood for the trees, but what you can do is keep talking and take care of yourself. That means, don't be hard on yourself, you are trying your best mate and sometimes that might just "be". When it comes to crying, or not being able to cry, is there anything that could trigger you? I get what you're saying about not being able to cry, as again I've been there, but I'm asking this because I think it's an important part of releasing the tension for all of us and it could help you a little in the short term even if it's for a few hours. For me watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' makes the flood gates open every time without fail.
  10. Good advice already given, keep going and well done
  11. That's very true Roy, I'm going to subscribe to Disney for a month so I can watch the Mandalorian in a week! I think your wanting to laugh and heal are perfect Christmas presents to yourself and your wife. To help you here's a terrible Christmas joke stolen from a friend. Breaking News: The whole of Cornwall has been placed into tier 4 lockdown after hundreds of pirates returned home to Penzance to celebrate Christmas with their families. Apparently the Arrrrr rate has increased dramatically. Hope that made you chuckle and you have a nice Christmas day
  12. I'm good thanks GBG, feeling much better having reached out here and talking to friends and family. I know I've done the right thing by me so that's the main thing. I like the sound of your day, I'm listening to 6 Music atm, some lovely music being played by Iggy Pop. I plan to cycle down to the sea later with a hot chocolate with a dash of whisky! How's your morning going and what are you going to eat? I've got some sprouts and potatoes and a range of fish or some chicken to pick from! No turkey this year and I'm kind of happy about that
  13. Thank you Marie and sorry you too had to cancel plans but well done for doing it! Hope you have a happy Christmas too!
  14. Hi all, This isn’t OCD specifically but it’s certainly connected in terms of the isolation it can create for us especially this time of year. I wondered if anyone else is doing a Christmas alone this year? For me it’s a first and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I do count myself very lucky, I’m normally with people and not everyone has that. People keep telling me I can’t be alone at Christmas, but for me it’s all down to COVID. In theory I’m allowed to go to my friends family for dinner tomorrow but I’ve decided not to. It’s really lovely of them to ask me to come, I mean really nice. I’ve chosen not to go mainly out of respect for the NHS and the scientific advice which is clearly saying please don’t mix. I have to admit to feeling like I’m one of a few people taking this seriously anymore amongst the people I know that is. There’s also a small part if me saying I’m over worrying.
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