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  1. It's ocd and it sounds like you get urges to act on your thoughts but no one with ocd ever does. With my ocd it always tells me oh you want to do this etc, this is happening because we hate the thought being there and worry about it, so it keeps coming back stronger and ocd can be so convincing sometimes. If you were a bad person you would of acted on the thoughts. Your ocd is just trying to make you believe you did something wrong when you haven't, you would of remembered it! hope this helps jojo x
  2. Hi when I told my bf about my intrusive thoughts and ocd he understood because he knew someone who was suffering too, it really depends on how long you have been with your bf and how close you are for example do you tell each other everything? Me and my bf have been through a lot I can talk to him about my problems more than anyone else. After you have told your bf you may feel like there is a huge amount of pressure taken off your shoulders but also maybe don't tell him everything as sometimes things are suppose to be left private hope it goes ok jojo x
  3. Yes thank you for that feedback, really informative Yes hopefully with this new pill and cbt things will be a lot better Although I am starting to feel happier on this new pill so fingers crossed Thanks xx
  4. Hi guys I was put on a new tablet today called citalopram, just wondering if anyone has been on this and if it's helped with there ocd and anxiety? On my first day of taking it I feel really drowsy but it could just be me.
  5. Yeah i can understand that my head tries to make me think that I want them by saying oh you do and stuff, but I just have to pass that off as intrusive thoughts. It's like you know the tricks to really self destruct yourself. The doctor has now put me on citalopram which is mainly for depression, ocd and anxiety
  6. awww thank you for your reply What medication are you taking? if you don't mind me asking. Yeah when I get the thought/feeling a rush of depression swoops over me, that's the only way I can describe it really. Yeah my head says oh you do want these thoughts but then I get confused over if their intrusive or if it's my ocd making me doubt them etc, and I just have to analysis it or worry. Sometimes i just forget the thought I had but then I'll just get another one, the worst thing I do is trying to control a thought for example if I know one is coming I shake my head or shout or something. Whe
  7. Going to the doctors tomorrow because I need some support, weather it's meds or therapy. I feel like I am taking a step backwards because it's been three years since I had to go to the doctors for help. The intrusive thoughts are getting stronger and more powerful, which is making it hard for me to let it go and then it wins. I know your suppose to resist the urge to fight back, well I really cant because I'll panic and think it's real or that's what I really want. I can't let myself believe that so that's why I cant let the thought go. Also the thoughts are telling me I want them and I dont w
  8. same, mines built up and seems to know exactly what buttons to press to make me feel bad again and then having to go over the thought because i cant just leave the thought and not think over why ithought it, was it me etc etc, god I hate ocd
  9. I've hated my eye bags ever since I was little and i used my mums concealer to hide them, but i think it's best to focus on your best features, also look back on comments people have made about you before like the positive ones, makes ya feel a bit better
  10. mine seem to try and make me belive that there real, but thats proberly because I pay too much attention to them and worry over the doubt too
  11. i've tried to ignore the thoughts or let them go and then I will carry on with something else like read abook or watch tv, but even though i have ignored them they still find away back into my mind. it's trying to tell me that i want the thoughts etc, the worse thing is that i get the doubt and intrusive feelings with it, ocd just wont give up without a fight...
  12. Not sure if I do get this or not but when I seem to be in a sexually actove mood, my thoughts seem to take over and then i do get aroused but I am not sure if it's over a thought or because i was already in the mood sort of thing, now I am worrying again
  13. how do you know if it feels like ocd? I do worry a lot but get a lot of mixed feelings and doubt too my ocd wants me to believe that my thoughts are true my thoughts are never about "oh what if i did do it" they always seem to be about "you want to do this bad thing" its really messed with my head as it's become quite powerful.... it's taken over my whole life recently, may need to go back on meds....
  14. Yeah I guess it will be a good thing, I just hate it when people judge you based on appearance and therefore treat you differently. Also I am very quiet and nervouse all the timeand hate going out on my own I am always thinking what is that person thinking of me or something stupid, I just have very bad anxiety
  15. Recently the doubt has got worse over my intrusive thoughts, and they seem powerful and real!!! it's making me depressed and tired of it all I am even worrying over the doubt and sometimes think that the thoughts are not intrusive, does anyone know why ocd can make you think it's your own thoughts and that there not intrusive?or do we think about the thoughts without knowing because the thoughts has been in your head for ages, not sure if I have explained this very well :/ anyway when i get a thought i shake my head or twitch so i know myself it was an intrusive thought... does anyone els
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