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  1. Thank you. I find reading other peoples posts on here comforting.. like it's not just me with these strange thoughts/feelings. I often ask 'why' I have this as all my friends and relatives seem so normal and nothing like me. Its like I am so highly strung and strive for perfection.... and if it isnt.. OCD begins. My therapists all just said the same thing... like they printed off a leaflet/booklet ad recited it to me. I got sick of drawing a bloody circle of how OCD is triggered... i felt like saying to them all... 'i know what ocd is, and what triggers it blah blah blah... can we stop doing this and get down to it!'. I didnt find CBT helpful at all.... i felt like every session I tried to please the therapist by saying i was trying..... but in reality, nothing was changing as i just could not face up to it... all i know is i am totally frustrated by it and its such a burden.. as im sure you know! xx
  2. Hello. Thanks for response. No I havent spoken with my Dr.. sometimes I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall with the help available... I have spent hours and hours with various therapists who go over the same type of material... I find myself just being 'polite' and agreeing with them! I cannot take medication as I am feeding my baby myself. I just get desperate at times and feel like a complete freak... madness!
  3. heatherm

    Feel alone...

    Oh my god I know exactly how you feel..... I go out for the day and its spoilt by my worries and mind running away... I am also the same when talking to people... always worrying that I am saying the wrong thing, then I ramble about nothing to fill in space...
  4. Hi Sanji, I am also the same... I know nothing bad/awful will happen if I think or dont do things.... I just HAVE to carry out rituals and my routine of cleaning every day otherwise i am totally stressed and anxious.... it takes me aprox 4-5 hours a day before I am ready to leave the house... then when i come back in it, I am stressed all over again thinking I am undoing all the hardwork I have already done in the morning..... It's crazy but like you I havent found a treatment that has helped e.g medication/CBT...
  5. heatherm

    Feel alone...

    Could you imagine.... a bar and grill full of OCD peeps.... what a TV show that would be! on a serious note, I really do wish I could flick a switch (as I'm sure you do) and not be so anxious... do you ever feel relaxed?? i don't... my mind feels so busy all the time! arghhhh
  6. heatherm

    Feel alone...

    Ditto, I think most people with genuine OCD (not those who joke about being OCD - which always makes me think 'if only you knew!') feel alone/Freaky/Wierd etc. I cant say anything to help with the depression/anxiety aside from.... i 100% know how you feel... and its ****. I empathise/sympathise with you! xx
  7. Hi. Not sure how to begin this... so.... in short = baby number 2 now 9 weeks old, already have a 2 year old.. stress levels high due to general lack of sleep & mothering duties resulting in OCD being awful resulting in husband cannot live with it anymore resulting in possible separation/divorce. In the past I have been on medication and had CBT. Both did nothing for me. As I have suffered with OCD for such a long time (since childhood) I am unsure if I am treatable or if my routines/ways are engrained into me...... Obsessions = cleaning house (I have a thing about body hair & dust) things must be in order and arranged to perfection before leaving the house. OCD is killing my life and my family. HELP?