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  1. Back to work tomorrow morning!

  2. Thanks Zippo. This makes a lot of sense. Hopefully I can get things sorted!
  3. I've been on sertraline for almost 5 years now. The last couple of years I've felt as though its no longer helping. My OCD has worsened and a few months ago I was prescribed diazepam daily (mow stopped) and sleeping tablets on top of the sertraline. I have seen my GP about it but was told that as I've been on sertraline for so long it will be difficult to change medication now. I'm due to start counselling and after will be referred for CBT however I'm still not happy with the sertraline. I've been on the highest dose for about 2 years so increasing the dose isn't an option. Does anyone think its worth getting a second opinion or is the GP right; it would be too difficult to swap medications?!
  4. Hi. So I decided to join ocduk today! I found out I had OCD when I was 17. I was going through exams at the time and my behaviours were focused a lot on perfection with writing, which led to a few failed exams, avoiding cracks, shadows, marks and uneven floors and counting. I struggled for a long time but it all seemed to 'go away' when I turned 20. At 21 it began to creep back in the form of anxiety around germs. At the time I was working in a hospital and I eventually had to leave after being off work. I moved away from my home city to live with my boyfriend and things seemed much better with a change of scene. We were living with his parents and after a month or so I started struggling with OCD again. I had a lot if anxiety around germs and began feeling as though my boyfriends mum and partner were 'unclean'. Thing escalated to the point that I couldn't eat anything that wasn't in a sealed packet and felt 'safe'. I didnt feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with them so would visit my boyfriends sister everyday to shower etc. I also started getting unwanted unpleasant violent thoughts. I saw my new GP and she was great. I was referred for assessment but it took several months before an appointment came through. In this time me and my boyfriend had moved into our own place. I started feeling slightly better but again I am struggling. I have a job which is becoming difficult as my fear of germs is taking over. I get extremely paranoid about what people think about me, especially at work. My boyfriend is great and will go through reassurance questions with me whenever I need. I have been referred for counselling and am waiting for an appointment at the moment, but things are taking their toll. It's great to have a place I can share how I'm feeling and not worry that everyone will think I'm crazy. Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read my ramblings!
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