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  1. Thanks lost,taurean and Philm for all your support lately :) it means a lot :flowers2: xx 

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    2. Snowdog


      I'm trying snow☹️ I feel like I don't want to come on here no more ☹️ But I know I miss u and Roy jess and Phil and others I meet but have to think of me.. feel really put down.. I can't write post no more..so I'm going to leave it for now. I hope you enjoy the footie Roy  and hope u had a good evening to lost.. 

      im really proud of u guys ok..

      im of to bed now 

      take care snow xx


    3. lostinme


      Oh bless you snow ❄️ I feel for you :(

      Youve only just joined us again, give it a few days and see how you feel then? 

      Please join us in the chat room tomorrow won't you :yes:

      Thinking of you snow ❄️ x 

    4. taurean


      Someone a while back, perhaps it was the same person took me to task in some fashion a while back. 

      I was miffed, but knew he had broken the forum rules which are quite specific about accepting others opinions. 

      I dealt with it by clicking the follow preference on the thread to unfollow it, and changing my notification preferences to ignore content from that user. 

      These actions in my mind made a statement. 

      In the past one or two people have sent me unwanted personal messages. I simply changed my preferences to not accepting messages from that individual. 

      Matters dealt with in that way, I felt able to continue happily. 

      It's also possible to click "report post"  against one if someone is offensive, and the moderators will get involved and deal with the matter. 

      Or "message the moderators"  option on the forum task bar. 

      Sweet dreams snow ❄ , don't be put off the forum by one person's unacceptable behaviour it's no way representative of the overwhelming good members here.