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  1. I can understand...I constantly analyse everything. Everything I do and say has to be surveyed by be. How did they interpret it? What do they think of me? Have I used the right tone? Have they misread my txt message? Sometimes things get to deep to the point where I can't cope and just want something to numb my thoughts. At the minute I'm not too bad, but occasionally I go into a state of obsessing over existence and the universe etc. this causes depersonalisation for me and feelings if being trapped in a wierd dream. It's horrible, and just a living misery. I'm not even sure if its the sertraline working or I have just snapped out of it myself. Possibly the drugs working, so that's probably what's worked for me. I don't know how deep your analysing is, but for me it got that bad that I needed something, so maybe speaking with your doctor is a good idea. Apart from that I don't know what to recommend, because for me I couldn't see a way out. Good luck and I hope you overcome this
  2. Ocd comes in all shapes and forms, so yes I would say it can be a symptom of ocd, but im no expert either. I hope you get the right help and overcome this! Thank you for the kind words
  3. I've pretty much worried about everything since suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. Losing my mind being one of them. I used to be convinced that I was insane, and used to cry myself to sleep. That was a long time ago, and it turned out that it was anxiety and panic attacks. I still suffer with anxiety and ocd, which I probably will for the rest of my life. It seems to latch onto new things that you've never ruminated about before. So probably when you are convinced that you are not suffering from schizophrenia, it will probably move onto new thoughts that it will prey on. I seriously doubt that you have schizophrenia or going crazy. The fact that you have identified that you have a problem goes a long way. I know of someone who suffers from schizophrenia and the last thing he would do is go on a Internet forum asking for help.
  4. Racing thoughts in my head, and obsessional thinking is what prompted me to see the doctor as I had had enough, it was making me depressed. The harder I tried not to think, then the more I did, because your already thinking about it. It's the first thing I did when I woke up until I went to bed. Unfortunately I couldn't see a way out, so accepted the pills that the doctor gave me. I've never tried any sort of therapy, so can't comment on that. But I do know that the antidepressants are slowly blocking these thoughts from bothering me. Yes they do numb you a bit, and it isn't the answer long term, but I think there comes a point where being numbed does help. That's my opinion anyway, and without the antidepressants I think I would of fell deeper and deeper into the dark world that I was falling into. And I didn't want to go there. I wish you all the best!
  5. Hi and welcome. I understand how much panic attacks and anxiety can the over your life and make you unhappy. I used to suffer with panic attacks, and like you was convinced I was going crazy. I used to go to the hospital to the emergency department and was convinced I was dying. Luckily for me I don't have them anymore. Hope you learn to control your anxiety and panic attacks! Good luck.
  6. I understand that you have jealousy and trust issues, but at the same time, I think anyone would become suspicious, issues or not. You are telling yourself that's it could be your ocd, but to be quite honest I don't think that's the case. I can't see why he would be in constant touch with her and message 50+ times a day. especially if he knows about your ocd, he should be aware that his relationship with this woman isn't going to do you any favours.
  7. What makes you think this? Have you spoken or is this just the way you feel?
  8. He shouldn't hate you, he is your husband. Maybe you just need to have a long talk. I know being out of work does nothing for your self esteem, as I've been there. But don't ever think your worthless. Your not. You are the world to your children.
  9. Hi Joanne, sorry to hear you are going through a bad time at the minute. I was really low a couple of weeks ago, to the point where I was questioning my existence. It's a horrible feeling, and I know what it feels like to feel lonely. My wife has found it hard dealing with the way I am, and also with me starting new medication has made things worse, as I just had no motivation and seemed to give up. Just give it time, I'm sure things will pick up for you, and please never feel alone. Just talk to people on here, there is always someone who can relate to what you are going through, you are not alone. If you ever need a chat just message hope things start to get better for you soon ( I'm sure they will)
  10. Have you upset anyone lately or got into any confrontations? Seems odd.
  11. For me, I compare how I am feeling now to another point in my life where I felt even worse. This sometimes helps, as I realise that things can get better and life does carry on. It makes you accept that you can improve and you can be happy.
  12. Seems I'm not on my own. I just find it difficult telling proffesionals ( or anyone) because some of mine are just really bizzare, I get embarrassed just thinking about them. They sound silly when I say them our loud but in my mind its really important things that I have to do.
  13. Hi bluecanary Thanks for the reply. I'm gonna give it another week I think, just to see if the headache and other side effects subside. If not I'll go back to the doctors to ask if their is anything he can do. The headache was here again today but not as bad as yesterday. Infact it's more of a dizzy feeling than a headache. Pleased to hear you was fortunate to not suffer so much with side effects. How are things for you now and ocd?
  14. Ok. I need to educate myself on ocd, hopefully I will learn a lot more about it once I ask my gp to refer me and get some proper help myself. At the minute I don't know a great deal about how it works or why it even exists. Is there any time when you can reassure? Why exactly is reassurance not always helpful? Thanks for informing me of this.
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