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    Fear of disease and fear of doing evil to others

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    Stratford Upon Avon
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    Christianity and going on pilgrimage to Lourdes in France
    Football,Rugby Union,Horse and Motor Racing.Steam and Model Railways.Music of various different kinds including classical.Reading and Fishing.I also like Tropical Fish keeping.And I lve KOI Carp fishponds.
  1. I can relate to what you are going through tia23.I have been suffering with OCD since I was about 18.And I will be 43 on August 1st this year.So it'll be 25 years since I have been suffering with this very evil ******* called OCD in June this year.OCD doesnt care whose life he ruins.He is the head equivalent of the Devil.And like the Devil OCD is a totally repentless and evil bully.With no consideration for anyone else but himself.All I can advise is keep going and live in hope that there will be some good times for yourself ahead.I wont patronise or ******** you in anyway.By saying to you "Ah but you're coping arent you." I know how bloody annoying it is when people have said that to me over the years including my own Grandmother.Who sadly died on March 4th last year.I still miss her nevertheless.
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