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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Hi Pam, well done to you, took me back a few years reading that, it will give hope to so many, best wishes jan x :clapping:
  3. Thanks for your replies i will email the information to her, many thanks
  4. Hi, i have been asked by someone if there is such a thing as a "carers allowance" for a mum with a child with OCD that will only eat pre=packed food due to contamination fears, she is a mum on low wage and has another child also. I would appreciate any information to point her in the right direction. Many thanks.
  5. Brilliant news, well done to Ashley and the team for all your hard work :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  6. Hi niceandneat25, it was for people like you that i posted the story, there are no easy answers and no quick fix to this illness, each and everyone suffers and learns to live with it at different levels, all we can do is be there when they need us. If it helps my son has a girlfriend and tells her he needs space on days he doesnt feel at his strongest and not that he doesnt want to be wth her just he likes to sort himself out. It is swings and roundabouts but with determination and support there is always hope for them to learn to cope and feel happier within themselves. You sound like a very caring person and i hope he knows how lucky he is to have you, good luck and keep me posted.
  7. Hi to all, its been a while since i posted but i read forums every week still. I thought it was time for an update after reading a couple of threads that sounded so familiar to me. My son is the sufferer who is now 17. He has been on medication for 6 years and had his meds reduced over several months but has been drug free for 4 months now. His determination to beat this illness has just amazed me over and over. He sat his GCSE`s last year which a couple of years ago we didnt think he would be able to manage, he did a year at 6th form and now has a Diploma in Business Studies. He is off to College Sept to do a Sports Course which is all he has ever wanted to do. His biggest achievement so far is he has just come back from Italy after a holiday for 2 weeks with 3 friends, he had previously only been away from home for 1 night. He stuggled for a few days and i did need to have a few chats on the phone just to remind him to use the stratagies he was taught to deal with during his CBT. He was like the cat who had the cream when he came home.So to all parents that have had their world shattered thinking things will always be this bad, dont give up hope please. If it hadnt been for this site when my son was diagnosed i dont know what i would have done, they have been simply the best support you could wish for. Just learn as much as possible about the illness to help your child. I now have a young man of a son who by the way is in his first serious relationship with a lovely girl, another big step, who sets himself goals and sticks at them till he wins, his next one is to get a part time job. So there you go, hasnt been all plain sailing by any means, there have been ups and downs, setbacks and disapoinments, but i must be the proudest mother on earth to see him come so far. Thanks to Ashley and Pam who have supported me at different times x Hope this helps some of you who cant see light at the end of the tunnel, i was once there.
  8. Well done Hayley, what a brave woman you are, be proud of yourself, the posts on here say it all, :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  9. Happy new year everyone xxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. I love the frosty look, great well done
  12. Congratulations to your son Carolj, he has done so well. As a parent we have every right to be proud with every step they take, sounds like yours is on his way :clapping: :clapping:
  13. Hi Pam, yes this has always been a problem with my son as well. He has always tried very hard at school but often gets things wrong as he cant take in more than a few clear instructions. He is doing his mock exams (gcse) this week and next so is stressing quite a lot as he tries to revise but can only manage a little a time. As you said dont know if it is down to ocd or not, will be interesting to see the replies.
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