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    I love dancing, messy hair, make up, disney, the ocean, diet coke, rainy days, singing in the car, and my precious Old English Sheepdog named Ariel!

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  1. Hello everyone! I've thought about y'all so often. I forgot my password for awhile how is everyone? I've been decent, today is rather rough. My grandma who is my role model was put in the hospital and to see her in so much pain was the hardest thing. I had to leave the room as I was having a panic attack and dry heaving (gross I know) it's really bothering me because I can't imagine not having her but she should be okay which is a relief. I'm also moving to university soon which is going to be good for me but also is adding stress on my mind. I'm going to a place where I have had many terrible thoughts at and am trying to tell myself to be strong and ignore it and just go smile. It's just not a good thing for me to be going because this has all happened in one day! I miss my grandma, I'm leaving the state, and I had to leave my dog for 2 days. My dog is my ultimate support. She takes me anxiety away in a second. so I'm terrified. Sorry this has been all over the place! My mind sorta is right now it actually hurts. Love and miss you all. xoxo
  2. Hello! I used to feel the way you're feeling very often. I want you to know, it gets better. You just have to tell yourself that its just the OCD. I got through this and I know you can too.
  3. Hello! How is everyone!? I made a new YouTube video on my ocd channel and would love for y'all to check it out! I hope everyone is doing well and winning the war against their inner bully xoxo http://youtu.be/M9Fcjkzk-0A
  4. Hello! I have missed chatting with you! I hope everything is going well! I followed your advice and it did help. I was a little anxious but not as much as I thought I would. I did have a huge breakdown the night I got to Vegas. I went into the bathroom and cried at a restaurant. It was very embarrassing but I guess it happens..lol :/ I have told myself that OCD just attacks what I love. I hate that it does that but reminding myself thats all its trying to do is helpful. It was a lot of fun and Im so glad I didn't let my OCD win while I was there. xo Im glad I am not alone! Thank you for your reply. Yes exactly! Its very hard but like itsnotme said, we have to just see it like it is, OCD. I hope you Thank you so much. I tried my best and it did help. Britney was great! I agree with everything you said. Im so glad I am not alone in this. I do try to do little things as well. I love what you said about your dog. My dog is a huge help with my OCD. She almost works as a therapy dog for me. I think its important we do all the little things we enjoy. I hope you're doing well.
  5. Hello friends! How was your Christmas? I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their loved ones! I am having a hard time right now. I realized that I can never have a very good time whenever I know I should. For example I'm on my way to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears and I should be overly excited but instead I'm anxious and depressed and I have no idea why. I have looked up to her my whole life! So why do I feel this way? it happens every time I should be very excited. Instead I get depressed and anxious, maybe it's because I want things to go perfect or "right" as I would say. I know I will be expecting things to feel a certain way and be a certain way. I just want to be able to have a good time and be super excited like my old self used to be. Why does my ocd have to ruin things for me? I feel like a zombie. I'm getting so angry! -BMxo
  6. I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel trapped and I want to just go hide in my room but I know from experience it will only cause more thoughts and I don't know what to do. I want it to go away. Why is the happening I feel like a different version of myself right now. If anyone has gone through this advice would be appreciated on how to get out of it
  7. Yes I do! Everytime I go to the psychiatrist we have to adjust my meds. I think I'm finally on a good amount. Sometimes i think it's not that your meds aren't working, it's that you may just have some extra stress going on so your ocd is acting up. I would discuss it with your doctor feel better!
  8. I can't believe she made you do all that! You did what was right! Don't feel bad. Your feelings were perfectly normal!
  9. Please don't hate yourself you are great. You can and will come out of this so strong. Look forward to that day because it's coming! Everyday is another day closer to your recovery
  10. I don't think it's BDD. However, I do think it's just the ocd. Today I had a panic attack because I hated my hair and I was pulling my hair really hard in the car. I was so mad. I feel guilty for complaining though. I think it's my ocd because I find myself thinking I don't look perfect. I want to look like the Kardashians or Britney Spears because I look up to them and I get sad because I am no where close and to me I want to look just like them and idk. I hope this is a phase
  11. I'm so upset because I truly don't like myself. I rarely look in the mirror and like what I look like. I get so angry at myself because I don't like it. It makes me so anxious and I don't know what to do
  12. Hello! I made a new video with a bit of advice that has helped me with my OCD lately. I hope it helps some of y'all. Hope you are all doing well! Ive been thinking about everyone! http://youtu.be/q6Scv4HU964 -BMxo
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