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  1. Absolutely not. I have POCD as do many others on this board
  2. Then you know what you need to do..buy something, and sit with the thought. It's horrible, gut wrenching and miserable, but in the long run, it'll help you. You'll be facing your fear and tackling it head on. Good luck x
  3. If you can't remember, it's extremely likely that it didn't happen. I often wake up worried that I had a horrible dream, but if you can't remember it, leave it as one of those doubting worries that OCD gives us
  4. Brizzle lol!! We got married on a Saturday- the following Monday was a bank hol as well. There was 2 reasons why we did that- one being that the part of the registry office that we got married in only did ceremonies on the last Saturday of every month, then we figured that any of my husbands family and friends can come down, and don't have to worry about work on the Monday
  5. No that's ok. I just wondered what you might think would happen if you didn't return the items?
  6. I'm Deffo a Devonshire dumpling lol. There's 2 years, 2 weeks and 2 days between my sister and I. When we were kids, I used to tell her that they froze Hitler's sperm and she was actually his daughter. A vivid imagination even then! Yes, 3 days!! I originally had planned to do something on the Saturday, but our friends are getting married. So I rearranged it for the Friday. Then a few of our friends who can't make the Friday want to meet up on the Sunday instead! Just as well I have next Monday and Tuesday off from work!!
  7. Unless I missed it, I didn't see a reason why you wouldn't allow yourself to buy these things?
  8. It's true though haha. My sister and I were actually due on the same day, so clearly there's one day a year where my dads luck is in haha!! Oh mine too! This weekend is gonna be a 3 day pish up lol!!
  9. I have this with a workmate as well although she's actually a manager. Once called me annoying and useless which I've never managed to get over
  10. I think he could have been asking for either of those reasons. Try not to think too much about it. Did you say he'd referred you to a therapist? Thanks, and yes I was nervous as hell. But a few beers helped me in blurting everything out!
  11. Being nosey, but which part of Scandinavia are you from? I went to Helsinki a few years back, and absolutely loved it. I occasionally get this type of OCD as well. Worrying that I've cheated on my husband, or done something inappropriate with someone. But it's just OCD playing its nasty games with you x
  12. Hi Nikki This is OCD placing the doubt in your mind. As someone else said- if you'd done something wrong across your friend, they'd have said something
  13. I just started singing football songs in my head lol
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