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  1. Hi there Moose, I just happened upon your post with interest as it is my ten year old son whom has ocd and his troubles are much worse at night, we have tried everything and it got to the point where I was sitting on his bedroom floor for hours waiting for him to fall asleep. I then read somewhere that it might help to put a dvd on for him(one he knows well so wont stay awake to watch it). it does seem to have helped him switch off and relax. I have also started giving him Nytol herbal tablets when he is very anxious which has been a success. ( fingers crossed). Anything with good quality valerian root was recommended to me. I really hope you can find some thing to help because although not a sufferer myself I can empathise with sleep deprivation and the effects it can have. Wishing you luck and kind wishes. Sarah
  2. Thank you Hal, its always a comfort to hear that with the right support my boy can get through this and come out the other side. I have printed off your booklets and also requested a meeting with the head teacher and his class teacher to see how we can help him through his last year at primary. I am determined not to be brushed off I shall keep you posted :original: Thanks again xx Sarah
  3. Thank you Laura for your kind words, I do feel better for having made a step in the right direction and looking for help and advise on here. I shall keep reading up on OCD and try to help him as much as poss. Thank you again xxx Sarah
  4. Thank you so much for you responses and links. I shall be sure to have a good look at those. I will definitely try setting a time for us to talk/ think about what has happened that day and what's to come the next day that sounds like a really good idea. I have thought about setting up a home/school book just to try to keep his teacher in the loop as to how he has been regarding sleep which I thought may help with him worrying about getting into trouble for not concentrating or being tired. His teacher unfortunately is quite unsympathetic but I feel she hasn't had any experience with this kind of thing. I shall keep using this site to see if any other parents/carers have advice to share. I think the hardest part has been feeling so alone with it all so thank you again Sarah :original:
  5. Hi I am new to this site, after looking around on line for some help and advise I found this. I am a mum of a ten year old boy who I think has ocd, he is a real worrier and is very concerned with harm coming to me or himself. Although he doesn't seem to display a lot of physical signs, when he gets anxious he starts to worry about doors and gates being locked, he is always reminding me to put my purse away out of sight and seems to think he whole word is full of bad people. Its so sad because I don't want to see him worry about all these kinds of things. He is so young I just want him to be able to enjoy being a child. He is waiting to see someone for CBT but we have been waiting for four months. Lately when he gets very worried he cant sleep. Its beginning to affect his school life too, when he is up and awake so late I take him into school late the next day. This has only happened a couple of times so far but this last week the sleeping has been quite bad. I worry about him so much. I am a single parent and feel really isolated and feel that I don't know anyone who understands. I am unsure if CAMHS will give me a diagnosis and just think that he is a sensitive child, needy and as many people have told me is mothered too much by me!! I would be so grateful for any advice or help. thank you in advance Sarah
  6. Hi Niki, I have been wondering the same thing myself this morning! After a horrible night with my son. (asleep at 1am) I had to ring work and tell them that I couldn't go in because I would have to take him to school late. I haven't had a formal diagnosis as yet and I am not sure how to go about it. We are waiting for an app with CBT and I am hoping that something positive will come of that. My worry is that this is getting a more frequent event with sleeping for him and its having an impact on us both I am a single parent and I am worried about holding my job down whilst we are going through all this. I feel for you. I think I shall try citizens advise too. If I get any answers I shall post. Kind regards sarah
  7. Hello to everyone, I am new to all this so I apologise if I seem a little unsure of what I'm doing! My son is 10 years old and I am pretty sure he is suffering with OCD. We have had an initial assessment with CAMHS and have been waiting for just over three months for an app with CBT. Although he doesn't seem to display a lot of physical signs ( compulsions) he is a terrible worrier. The worries are around security and door being locked, gates being locked and when he seems to be more anxious he worries about bad things happening to himself and me. I am a single parent and I have been really struggling with bedtimes. We had started putting a film he knows inside out on in bed and he falls asleep watching it, he says it helps his head be quite. The lady at CAMHS advised I don't let him do this as it wont help him sleep!! I have tried everything I can think of over the last five years, sleep and bedtime has always been a problem. Last night is was gone 1am before he settled and I had to take him into school late. He tells me he is thinking about his day and checking that he has done everything and then worrying about things that are coming up. He doesn't like his teacher very much (neither do I ) she is very strict and he is scared of her which hasn't helped this last few weeks. I believe he has been suffering with this since he was very young but its been a multitude of things happening all at the same time that made me start to think maybe it was more than him just being a sensitive child. Or as people kept telling me he was needy and needed to toughen up! which really hasn't been helpful. Because I don't know for sure and haven't yet been told its definitely OCD I am really unsure what to do. Do I need a diagnosis? how do I get one? Sorry its a bit of a long post but I feel so isolated and do not know where to turn. Its affecting work and family life because I am so tired and do not know what I am doing Thank you in advance for letting me get some of it off my chest :original:
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