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  1. Hi economy I am sorry you have this fear also it really is awful. I can use some products and buy environmentally things for certain cleaning. You must feel like me you want your home to be clean. Could you tell me what e r p stands for as polar bear talked about in her topic. Well good luck with the cleaning at least we are in this one together. Happy Cleaning. Silver
  2. Hi polar bear and bambi. Thank you for all your helpful advice. It terrifies me but will try and give it a go. This illness is awful for us all and the anxiety is dreadful. X Silver
  3. how can I forget the past

    1. Ashley


      We can't, but we can change how the past impacts on our future :)

    2. whitebeam


      Try to forgive yourself. You can't change the past but you can learn from mistakes.....if you don't repeat mistakes that's the best you can do....I have said in the post in OCD members - my OCD really led to huge feelings of guilt which now I am better no longer bother me.

    3. taurean


      We can't saw sawdust - it is already sawn.We can't grind grain with water that has already flowed past the wheel. Do as whitebeam says -learn from the past, then determine to forget it.

  4. Hi polar bear I have read your message and thank you for your help. I get contaminAtion thoughts to a catastrophic level it really panics me. I try to. Buy environmental products a.d use things like bicarb and vinegar. I can manage disinfectants and if but they are all a nightmAre and I hate the anxiety of having them around. Best wishes Silver
  5. Does anyone here have a problem with household cleaning products such as bleach or anything with an X on the back. These products panic me so much they make me sick. W hat can I do as I really feel I have contaminated someone.
  6. Thank you for your help symps07 I seem to blame myself for everything. Your reply did help. Regards silvergrey
  7. I am in my late 60s and in those days we used to smack on occasion and I feel so bad. My daughter says she only remembers the nice things we did. Her father left us and we are the best of friends as well as mum and daughter. I have two grandchildren one 23 and one 21. I have never smacked them and although I feel guilty we all love each other very much.
  8. sorry Bruce's I meant distract horseracing destroy

  9. sorry I meant distract yourself not destroy

    1. silvergrey65


      Hi Bruce's I am new to this and my typing not great

  10. want to change a message

  11. Hi Whirlwind I have got the exact same OCD problem as you about harming someone especially children. I am 67 and have had OCD for a long time. You said you are a sensitive person and that is why you feel so bad. I do take meds and I am seeing a clinical psychotherapist at the moment. We both know that we are loving, caring people and this is the OCD. Get angry with it, bash a cushion and say let me be I deserve to be happy. I have been a carer most of my life so why would I feel I could hurt someone. You are right when you say lets beat it whatever the OCD manifests itself. Keep distracted being busy does help. Remember you are not alone. When I read your topic I thought there is actually someone out there who is suffering like me. Good luck it will get better. Silvergrey65
  12. Thanks for your reply Polar Bear I will do that. I keep worrying about things I have done in the past. It is so irrational but seems so real. Good luck and thanks for the welcome.
  13. I have been a member of OCD UK for sometime. I have OCD about terrible irrational thoughts that I may harm someone. I check everything wherever I go and I cannot leave my flat on my own. I cannot use anything toxic in case I contaminate anyone and the thoughts have taken my life over. As I have been a carer most of my life I hate myself. Is there anyone on this web site who would like to talk about a similar OCD. I am at present seeing a clinical psychologist to try and sort my brain out.
  14. Hi newmum i have just started cbt and had about 3 sessions. It really is helping. I thought she might think i am a horrible person because of the intrusive thoughts i have but once i started getting to talk i felt she was not judging me. Good luck to anyone trying CBT i recommend it if you can just get past the nervous stage. Good luck to everyone. :original:
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