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    Currently, I substitute teach, work in retail, and studying to become an associate of Aflac. I love researching, especially about mental health considering I'm a sufferer of OCD. Blogging has become second nature to me as I'm always researching something...find keeping my mind busy decreases the chances of repetitive thoughts.
    I'm an avid runner, and love to travel.

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  1. OCD is completely exhausting! On top of those day to day struggles, I'm in a relationship with someone who has ADHD. His symptoms add fire to my symptoms. It can be very ugly!
  2. During Thanksgiving, I opened up on Facebook about my OCD struggles. Those who I expected to read it, went beyond that expectation. They put some time into research to enable themselves the understanding of the struggles. I had the opportunity of joining family and friends on New Year's Eve with some tasty beverages. Throughout the evening, certain family and friends discretely asked how I was feeling. I felt fantastic. All OCD struggles were at rest. Of course the consequences of drinking hit the next morning, not a headache...a drained body. The same individuals who asked the night before about my OCD struggles, were curious the following morning. The OCD seemed to be on vacation, but returned within a few hours. Those struggle free hours were beyond phenomenal. Considering alcohol is a drug...wishing something other than drugs could prohibit the struggles! Anyway...Happy New Year All!! :original:
  3. Well done, Laura! My family's never been supportive of my struggles with ocd, expressing that I don't know what I'm talking about and to get a grip. WELL...during Thanksgiving, many friends of mine shared their struggles on Facebook. I took the same step you did and posted my struggles with ocd on Facebook. I told it all!!! The supportive responses were overwhelming! My family's approach and outlook of my ocd has now taken a turn for the best! Many people are struggling out there. I'm finding that when you open up about your struggles, people aren't as bitter...we need the peace, love, and support in this world!!
  4. Great job! I've found success over the past two days of feeling the thoughts coming on and automatically finding a new focus...keep pushing forward! Hoping this process works for a while!
  5. A coping mechanism that I've learned for anxiety, is to focus on breathing. It takes the brains focus off from the ocd stimulus and helps to redirect focus in another direction. Repetitive, threatful thoughts are all too common in my neck of the woods. My ocd is based on knowing what has happened every step of the way and/or why it has happened. I'm always analyzing, not fun!! I actually tell myself to, "stop it" at times and remind myself that if I can repeat what has happened then I already know exactly what and how it has happened. There are also times where I tell myself just to deal with the anxiety because in the back of my mind, I know it's my ocd and it will pass. Taking the vitamin b complex also seems to make thinking much more of a smoother ride for me throughout the day.
  6. I agree with Carol, suggesting that he actually has a lot of thoughts going on in his head and is "busy" with his OCD, rather than ignoring you. I've been dealing with these symptoms non-stop lately. It's depressing and very time consuming for me. I'll get stuck on a thought then another thought comes and boggs me down. My husband tries to show me affection, but I'm either trying to work through my thought, or just want to be left alone because I feel that I need the alone time. I actually catch myself rolling my eyes and thinking to myself here we go again, when my brain gets stuck on a new thought.
  7. I can relate to the feeling that it seems to turn on and off. When that happens I always wonder what the trigger was to instigate it?
  8. I've been a sufferer of OCD since about the age of 7. I went through stages of counting steps and needing to step in the right direction, moving from room to room. I had thoughts that unless I followed a certain religion, God wasn't going to love me. In school, I had to use a specific stall, if someone was in that stall, I would wait until it was free. Through my teenage years, the most common symptoms I faced were long showers...constant, repetitive washing and cleaning in the same pattern. And if something didn't feel right during the pattern, I needed to start over. I more or less became aware of what I had been suffering from in a Psychology class in college. That is a moment I will never forget! As years go by, I continue with the long showers, but now it's like my brain is picking the smallest thoughts or actions to consistantly repeat over and over until the next little things comes along that it wants to focus on. I was on medication for about 2 years, until I started having severe numbing on one side of my neck followed by a ringing in my ear on the same side. Since the loss of my job back in February, when I realize I'm having a good moment without the repetitive thoughts, I research natural ways to attempt reducing my OCD symptoms. I'm noticing more moments where it dawns on me that my OCD has backed off somewhat. Between this forum and continued research, I'm praying for fewer symptoms.
  9. My OCD started with counting steps as well. I felt the same anxiety, that if I didn't step the proper number of times, or in the right direction, it didn't feel right. Many times, I had to return back to my beginning spot and perform the act again, just so my mind was ok with it. It seems my symptoms disappeared for quite a while, now their back in full swing...not counting steps, but repetitive thoughts. If it's not one thing, it's another.
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