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  1. it's awful. I don't know what to do. I managed to deal with her sleeping naked last night, without doing anything, and i'm feeling really anxious but it's bearable. I can be okay with skin and stuff, but i think for me the cincher is body fluids.
  2. When i was ten years old, I was so convinced I was dirty that I had to shower before I slept in my own bed. But, showering was such a long, drawn out experience each time that most nights, I'd sleep on a mattress in my parents room. Years later, I'm finally sleeping in my own bed. Showering is easier now - I have little to no routines. Thing is, I still have a problem with my body. And i'm at an age now where, to put it delicately, i generally have someone else's body in my bed, too. My girlfriend of almost a year is awesome and supportive when it comes to my OCD, but come on, how sexy is it when I have to get up and shower after sex, change the bed sheets, lysol the room, make her take a shower, brush my teeth.. .etc. I have no concept of what is normal after sex, and I'm too ashamed to really talk to my girlfriend about it... I feel bad enough making her think that I think she's dirty (she has her own issues and it can take a toll) Is it normal to want to wash your hands? Like, is it okay to touch stuff without it? I've been in an OCD group for quite some time and while it's made leaps and bounds of progress in other areas, I'm not comfortable discussing intimacy with everyone, so this is my best bet. When I watch movies people are totally unflinching after sex, they just sort of go about their business. At some point I figure it was just hammered into my head that sex was dirty and now it makes me feel contaminated. Does anyone have any thoughts or are they able to put this into perspective for me? I have no one I can really talk to at this point.
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