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  1. Hey everyone, my name is Callie Alice and I am 18 years old from Essex in the UK. I have been a severe sufferer of OCD for the past 11 almost 12 years. It began when I was 7, and I sadly lost my parents in a tragic accident, and not long after their death I developed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have always thought myself kind of crazy, because my ritual is actually pretty dangerous and I have been in hospital due to effects of it on more than one occasion. My OCD revolves pretty much around numbers and magical thinking. I have huge supersticious thoughts but the main issue surrounds the number after 12. (Triskaidekaphobia) and the devils number. I can't say it or see it and when I do my ritual is counting loudly and repeating each number 7 times, and then I hurt myself. It is pretty scary, and I actually currently have my arm in a bandage after an event including scissors a few nights ago. (I'm okay ). In late August, I actually was hospitalised after I stabbed my own side with a knife, which was extremely dangerous. I have been having CBT sessions and E&R sessions once a week since and I can see an improvement, and I have also been given different medication which is effective. I have managed to get off the knife thing however I kind of still have to hurt myself. That's what my ritual is. I do hate it, who wouldn't? But I am getting help and I am going to get better ~Callie xx
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