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  1. It's hard. I know. Always will be. But i'd like to share a little therapy i've come up with. Your head is like a racing motorway - all your thoughts are merely vehicles that travel from Point A to Point B. Imagine yourself on a motorway, when you look out the window at every other car, do you give relevance or meaning to it? No. Do you try to figure out every detail about it? No. Why? Because you are focused on your own journey. Think about it, if every thought is just a car, then it will ALWAYS have a Point B. A destination. The end of the road. OCD is in fact, a police car on this motorway - stopping the thoughts that they think are doing wrong. If you leave these thoughts to do their business, don't interact with them or stop them from travelling down the road then they will get to their destination much quicker. No stop-offs means a faster journey. Your thoughts are driving to Point B and being grinded to a halt every single time you do a compulsion or ruminate - the only way to truly allow these thoughts to travel through your head is to leave them alone to go through. Letting your thoughts rule your life is like letting the cars going down the motorway ruin your life. You don't assign a meaning to every car because it has no relevance to you. You let it be. I hoped this helped. - Pawal