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    Music, guitar , song writing, gigs, films, reading, writing , anything creative
  1. thanks taurean, iv jus posted a long winded post explaining my situation, heres hoping
  2. Ok, this is a long story but please bear with me as I badly need help. 7 years ago i got into a relationship, i loved her dearly and was very happy, however one year later she cheated on me and left me, i was crushed. 7 months or so after that beak up i met my current partner, she is incredible, so supportive and understanding of my condition and we are happy together and have been together now for just over 6 years about a year ago i reconnected with some old friends, one of whom is my ex. we have become best friends now and the small circle of friends we have are so tight. however, now
  3. hello everyone, not sure what to say here, im 26, im male, from ireland, and ocd is ripping my life apart. so im hoping i can find some help here
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