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  1. Asking the airline to go above rhe usual is a compulsion. Don't involve others in your rituals. It was compulsions that got you into this mess and it will only be stopping compulsions that will get you out. Whether that happens now or some time in the future.
  2. The problem is that your own mind is telling you it is highly likely, when it reality it is highly unlikely. You need to learn that OCD always lies. It never tells the truth.
  3. I'd really like to know what wingnut websites you get your information from.
  4. Okay. Whatever. You're like the boy who cried wolf. We've heard this many times before. Yeah, yeah, you're just going to accept it. Uh huh. You'll be back five times tomorrow and five times the day after that. Nothing will change because you are unwilling to take our advice and change your ways. See you next time for the same old thing.
  5. What you did was confront your obsessions by agreeing with them. You unknowingly did a great exposure. By saying that, you left OCD nowhere yo go. Well done.
  6. Except there is no such thing as having obsessions without compulsions. Pue O has come to mean compulsions that are mostly covert.
  7. Taking CBT once and not having a positive outcome is no reason to say CBT doesn't work. Try a different therapist. And commit to the hard work necessary to recover. Your first stop is often your doctor. You need help.
  8. Ironborn, your words are like so many others that came before you. I deserve no happiness. So overblown to what happened. Look at what's happened. OCD fixates on something, drawing your attention to it. Along with that is a panicky feeling, which you wrongly interpret as meaning it is a big deal. Then you do compulsions, which makes the whole thing worse. Chiefly, you ruminate endlessly, drawing power into the OCD vortex. A minor thing becomes this huge deal. It's the way it works with OCD. I can say this is minor because I am not in your head. I am not being bombarded by fake intrusive thoughts.
  9. No balance is required. Nowhere is it written that we must punish ourselves for past mistakes. That's what you are doing... punishing yourself. And the punishment does not fit the crime. It's way overblown, as it is in all cases of this OCD theme. You can be a good person today and empathetic and caring and not allow yourself to wear a minor transgression from the past around your neck.
  10. You want reassurance, like you did the last 100 times you had intrusive thoughts. I'm not going to give it.
  11. That's ridiculous OCD thinking. It's as screwy as thinking you have every doorway three times before walking through or your mother will die. Also, how us your testing working out for you? I'm betting it's not. It isn't doing you any goof. So stop doing it.
  12. Your expectations are out of whack. You expect to feel a certain way toward certain people, which is unrealistic. None of us get strong emotions around others all the time. That's one problem. The other is the compulsion of analyzing how you feel and comparing that with your warped expectations. It's oksy to feel nothing. Neutral is okay.
  13. What you do about this is nothing. Nothing. Right now you are performing a compulsion by analyzing whst you did, looking for motives and possible repercussions. That's the problem, not that you did something 11 years ago. You are allowed to let this go. We are all allowed to move past our mistakes.
  14. You've got to stop this cycle, lily. You get intrusive thoughts, you do compulsions, including coming here, confessing and expecting reassurance from us. Keep doing the same thing and you'll keep grtting the same result.
  15. Anything white to you is semen. You've basically taught yourself to think 'semen and 'bad' every time you see something white. It's ludicrous if you think about it. There are a lot of substances out there that are white. Ignore it. Don't do anything about it. Get on with your day.
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