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  1. Was diagnosed with ocd in 2003 after birth of second daughter, my thoughts were and usually are around harming her but that's been gone for about a year, no started having fleeting thoughts about suicide that have scared me, Does anyone here get these thoughts I'm not a suicidal person and I don't want to die, Im scared these are going to get worse and I'll lose control and do something to my self
  2. Horrible thoughts same theme it's vile I want to be out of my head nothing is calming every technique muscle relaxation and mindfulness breathing is working feel so alone and scared
  3. I I always go gym but can't renew membership till next week, haven't done mindfulness yet and yes been on meds 2003 going to walk dog tomorrow the doubting is back xx
  4. Can't kick this intrustee thought trying everything and it's not easing having cbt mostly info at the moment need tools to cope scared again
  5. Hi nicki yes I've been on meds 11 years and was diagnosed with post natal depression after my second daughter, then had harm thoughts was diagnosed with ocd, the thoughts basically dissappeared up until April of this year and then they started again for no reason I'm getting cbt but it's early days, it's horrible having the thoughts feel so guilty and a bad person/mum xx
  6. Freya, my youngest daughter,Amanda my eldest my name and my husbands name Dean, and 4 Eva as in we're forever xx
  7. I feel you babe same here makes u feel foreign towards your own child xx
  8. Hi lemon just to get it straight the thoughts, are they harm thoughts towards your son because mine is towards my youngest daughter xx
  9. Yep it's what she said if I name them,I am coping just but it does seem like I'm doing it on my own xx
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