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  1. Thank you guys. I will try to let this thing go but I will have to test it before we can't. When my dad bought it the inspector said that it would only be waste. And a neighbour (in another street) tested and there were none or little(I don't remember). But yea there is a risk and if it turns out for the worst I will be very frighten..
  2. Hello, the last week I have been increasingly obsessed about this topic, it feels like death or life moment because if it turns out that it is bad then I am doomed. I have lived in the same house for 18 now and my dad never tested if here were radon because the inspector didn't think it was necassarily. I don't know how to end the worry because many people worry about radon. I could buy a radonmeter and see BUT if it turns out that here actually is high levels I would be terrified and frankly suicidal because that means I have lived with it for a 1/4 of my life expected lifetime. Thanks if it gets any answers.
  3. Try to have realistic goals. You can do it. And happy new year to everyone!
  4. Never ever had my airconditioner indicated the worstnpossible air this long. Woke up with a stupid neighbour having the car on... Come on get it clean ffs. Got a little anxietyattack
  5. Most doctors know jack about nutrition. Also the disclaimer is mostly a product of companies avoiding resonsibilities.
  6. Yes Vitamin D helps me. I get tired everytime the darker seasons come and then I also get depressed in the winter. I feel a difference when I take vitamin D.
  7. I can see that but Crack is pretty damn serious. Also I feelt really really strange on the way home. But I do know that I never will know. Shame I didn't call the police instead I worried about it
  8. Just when I had started cycling home for the day, I decided to take another road, it always seems to happen when I do something in a different way than usually.. Well I went in to a tunnel, and in the end of the tunnel I saw two drugusers and one of them sat at the ground smoking in a crackpipe, you saw smoke so this is not a false alarm... I got anxious pretty much instantenous. It was 1 hour ago and I have been googling my whole way home, there is one good study (on passive cracksmoking/exposure) but as usually you never know about the amounts... I think I got affected because I feelt tingling, dizziness and still feeling lightheaded. Also had a hard time focusing when I went home. What if I get tested in the close future and I test positive? This is really not my main worry but it should be I guess, because it's a real worry. Never thought about calling the police because I got caught worrying but I should have called...
  9. That is just black and white thinking. If it was true nobody would overcome OCD... It would mean that if you once overcome it there would be no risk of it getting back in.
  10. Great for her being able not letting it control her. And there are always something which can be learned from anything. Who even knows folks. What if the psychiatryxommunity removes OCD as an diagnosis, will you then stop trying to get better? Please don't. Because all of those diagnosis are not even clearcut, look at autism how it have changed in the latest years. Problem with people with OCD is the need of certainty and stability.
  11. I dont know. Today I was out and I saw a firecrew and then I saw them putting pellets on the ground. First thought thatvit could be food but then I searched the public alarms and it said "dangerous substance on road - fuel". I was about 30nmeters away but it wa sblowing in my direction... They firemen didn't wear masks but yea.
  12. I already left. Yes it is very disgusting, and pretty sure it is intentional.
  13. There is a library which I sometimes visit. This spring when I was there some day did I discover snot on the desk. I analyzed it but I come to the conclusion that it could have been my own. However this very day did I discover it again on another desk so now am I certain that it is intentional. It was in the middle and all. Pretty diagusting, unfortunely did I discover it after I had laid my bag there but nothing else got contaminated. Pretty disgusting isn't it?
  14. There are a lot of what ifs in your text. You need to stop analyze the situation and please do not go after "answers" to this situation you are in. Instead, shift your focus to something else.
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