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  1. OCDhavenobrain

    Would be grateful of any input

    Well this is most definitly yet another worry. Good thing that medicine helps you, try to use that opportunity and go against the fears. I think many people with OCD gets relief from medication but then do they still feel the doubt and we still try to figure it out and then it is back to square 1
  2. OCDhavenobrain

    Is seeing a "peeing" guy a trauma?

    Actually it didnt. Lasted 30minutes. But it was about eyesight. Now am I afraid of something much worse
  3. OCDhavenobrain

    Is seeing a "peeing" guy a trauma?

    I know but a relative told me so. She said I was psychotic. Not a veey nice person but yea she actually worked in this area.. I am devastaated this time because I dont really know how this COULDNT be real. And I will never get justice so the abuser gets free. It just feel so real you know.
  4. OCDhavenobrain

    Real event obsession

    I agree. Actually think Ocd is one of the most overöooked diagnosis. Sure handwashimgOCD is wellknown but the other areaas are not even known by most psychiatrists. Sad
  5. OCDhavenobrain

    Real event obsession

    I also obsess about real event stuff because then there are things which have happened. Like now today really hard to let it go because I am convinced something did happen and I read the news and there are actually cases. Now some people would say that it is unlikely, sure but some people get struck by lighting even if it is unlikely. I hate the anxiety it gives. Also real events goes against your logic because something did happen, then do we have to think that it is unlikely that something more happened, I personally always find that the mind evade this. And maybe it should? How many crimes would Sherlock Holmes solve if he seriously thought that something was unlikely therefore it haven't happen? Some people say that you should accept the thing you fear, if you feel like you could take that anxiety maybe you could try that approach
  6. Not my best english. Giving money to charities will do a different, but do not let it get obsessive, but going over it over and over and over again and then even killing yourself won't do a difference. Stop going over the events in your head!!
  7. We can be sorry about things but we can also be obsessive about them. The redlight goes on when someone think so much about a thing that she/he thinks that it needs to be gone over and over again. And that it means that one have to commit suicide. Sure there are things where I wouldn't care if someone commited suicide. No tears for Breivik and other him alike. You will if you don't already start to ruminate about where your "evil deeds" stands on the scale. But don't do that. You can't change the past, and i don't really think that such extreme level of guilts are justified. But we don't even need to speak about morality, if you have OCD and this event makes you this guilty then put this aside for a while and stop going over all the events. Doing so will make no difference.
  8. I don't know man. Probably need some more facts before i speak out. DID you bully or did you not? Let's say you bullied other kids and even animals (don't know how you bully animals, maybe you could explain?). So now do you worry about a specific animal (your dog)? Is that right?
  9. Beside the fact that nobody is answering and I feel a little bit cringeworthy for spamming.. I have a new version in my head, because the guy stood at my left thhe last time before the opened the new cashier, then did I see him comming from behind, because I could look at him at the side for a long time. So then did i wonder what if the guy who was the potential abuser went to the end of the quoe so he could see me better and act accordingly. I don't know really it just hit me today, maybe I should go and read my comments here, only proof I have left, and my hair washed and such but yea. This is just bizarre and kinda sick, but yea this is like the last obsession I have now, I remember me being afraid of me being destroyed when I was around 7-8 so guess that could explain why this is but yea. Abused, destroyed and needing to figure it out, which seems totally impossible in this case. Wow But not the panicstate I had 2 days ago, that's good.
  10. Today I woke up and got a thought about if there is a psychopath in the village. Well there is, 1% of the population have ASPD.. My damageobsession "" have now focused on fluids, I see them everywhere. Actually doubting if this even is OCD, it seems to me that this is pretty paranoid. SOO my rollerglide have stains on it at the top so the offender had to spray it, however, I have had my window open this summer because the heat so it is possible, and the guy at the window and the rabbitkiller (possible) have triggered me! I remember one time when I had cocotops and I thiiiink I might have put them on my curtain it is just the stains are white and if I compare how it looks to photos on Google it seems possible it could be something bad. I wish there was not so many evil people around, I know I know what you will say but yea, can't grasp I am supposed to just shake it off and think "meeh evil people". Guess it could be my need for certainty. Correction: Windowblind not rollerglide.. Hope it is as clear as possible so I don't need to clearify further. Never thought I would say it but contaminationfears are one of the worst, because it is bloody everywhere. However when abuse is involved it is bad. I see two possibilities the kid who ran around here this summer, if one engages in on antisocial act that person probably have involved in many such acts.
  11. OCDhavenobrain

    How can I get rid of guilt

    I don't really see any change here Bruces, you are posting all those questions. I would bet you do it here because you have OCD and this is a forum for OCD-sufferers. However this won't get you anywhere, atleast not when it comes to recovering.
  12. THis is such a terrible thing to happen to an OCD-sufferer. I can just imagine how many of us who get therapists who don't have a clue. About 20 years ago it was popular to engage with "false memories", going in therapy so one could figure out if something happened in early childhood. I am afraid many many people with OCD got stuck with this kind of therapy. It's bad. Agree with you about Freud, personally I can't take psychology 100% serious til the day they stop using Freud and his methods. Studies actually shows that talking about things "freud-style" is contraproductive. IT actually hav e alot in common with compulsions, feel good in the moment but do more harm than good in the long run. I am sorry that your therapists was so useless in your case. Try to shake it off as soon as you can, I can promise you that there are A LOT of those people, it is like yourself said psychiatry have MUCH to learn when it comes to OCD.
  13. I do agree with the cognitive side being important. Just take a child with OCD and one can see how important knowledge about the condition before she/he can give it less importance. But beside that I really do think that many of us just get obsessed about it being "right" about the cognitive side, needing more knowledge about how it works and why and so on.
  14. Couldn't agree more. I really dislike Freud and the fact that psychology STILL let him impact so much, he is a fraud. Studies even show that talkingtherapy doesn't work. But I also have to agree with those who talk about the cognitive sid eof overcomming this disorder, it is just that I don't think there is that much to dwell on there, and I OFTEN see people dwelling on it and it just becomes a part of the obsessions. I am a strong believer in ERP I really do think that it is what it takes to overcome OCD. Exposure exposure exposure
  15. OCDhavenobrain

    Hey guys

    I don't think it was a bad post, because it seemed to me that you have had enough of it.