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  1. Today I woke up and got a thought about if there is a psychopath in the village. Well there is, 1% of the population have ASPD.. My damageobsession "" have now focused on fluids, I see them everywhere. Actually doubting if this even is OCD, it seems to me that this is pretty paranoid. SOO my rollerglide have stains on it at the top so the offender had to spray it, however, I have had my window open this summer because the heat so it is possible, and the guy at the window and the rabbitkiller (possible) have triggered me! I remember one time when I had cocotops and I thiiiink I might have put them on my curtain it is just the stains are white and if I compare how it looks to photos on Google it seems possible it could be something bad. I wish there was not so many evil people around, I know I know what you will say but yea, can't grasp I am supposed to just shake it off and think "meeh evil people". Guess it could be my need for certainty. Correction: Windowblind not rollerglide.. Hope it is as clear as possible so I don't need to clearify further. Never thought I would say it but contaminationfears are one of the worst, because it is bloody everywhere. However when abuse is involved it is bad. I see two possibilities the kid who ran around here this summer, if one engages in on antisocial act that person probably have involved in many such acts.
  2. OCDhavenobrain

    How can I get rid of guilt

    I don't really see any change here Bruces, you are posting all those questions. I would bet you do it here because you have OCD and this is a forum for OCD-sufferers. However this won't get you anywhere, atleast not when it comes to recovering.
  3. THis is such a terrible thing to happen to an OCD-sufferer. I can just imagine how many of us who get therapists who don't have a clue. About 20 years ago it was popular to engage with "false memories", going in therapy so one could figure out if something happened in early childhood. I am afraid many many people with OCD got stuck with this kind of therapy. It's bad. Agree with you about Freud, personally I can't take psychology 100% serious til the day they stop using Freud and his methods. Studies actually shows that talking about things "freud-style" is contraproductive. IT actually hav e alot in common with compulsions, feel good in the moment but do more harm than good in the long run. I am sorry that your therapists was so useless in your case. Try to shake it off as soon as you can, I can promise you that there are A LOT of those people, it is like yourself said psychiatry have MUCH to learn when it comes to OCD.
  4. I do agree with the cognitive side being important. Just take a child with OCD and one can see how important knowledge about the condition before she/he can give it less importance. But beside that I really do think that many of us just get obsessed about it being "right" about the cognitive side, needing more knowledge about how it works and why and so on.
  5. Couldn't agree more. I really dislike Freud and the fact that psychology STILL let him impact so much, he is a fraud. Studies even show that talkingtherapy doesn't work. But I also have to agree with those who talk about the cognitive sid eof overcomming this disorder, it is just that I don't think there is that much to dwell on there, and I OFTEN see people dwelling on it and it just becomes a part of the obsessions. I am a strong believer in ERP I really do think that it is what it takes to overcome OCD. Exposure exposure exposure
  6. OCDhavenobrain

    Hey guys

    I don't think it was a bad post, because it seemed to me that you have had enough of it.
  7. I obviously failed because I took my last antianxiety. Want to think that I am handling it better than normal. But then it turns out that the incident with the rabbit 2 months ago was very real indeed. NOW the question is where do you end? Is this fuel for other things I fear? Would the normal thing here be to declare that there are some kind of a nutjob here and then not drawing any further conclusions? Or would your advice honestly be not even to accept the fact that something did happen in one of the incidents? Actually nobody told me it was nothing about the rabbithead, it was just a wish from me because it is so vicious with intent and all of that. This is the only obsession I have left but it don't seems to leave me alone easily, because it is the thing I have feared the longest and most deeply but yea.
  8. OCDhavenobrain

    Hey guys

    I am sorry but I don't think I can add anything beside what I already have said but just wanted to share my sympath. Don't think it makes it any better but you are not unique in your situation, just how it goes for most of us if we don't treat it. Good thing is that all the advices you have got still works if you want to change things around. Do you maybe feel that it is enough?
  9. OCDhavenobrain

    Is seeing a "peeing" guy a trauma?

    SO this was about 3 weeks before the accident with the rabbits in my village. What if it is the same guy following me? This incident in the cue happened in town so it was not close but yea I am dotting the lines here and my head is telling me that someone is stalking me. Is this psychosis or just plain OCD? Would like some input on this because to me it seems to be paranoia and maybe psychosis? Worst case is obviously if it is REAL but let's not go there.
  10. ALSO when I read the news yes I did some googling about the news in my town did I see that here was someone who cut in rabbits last month, last month did I see rabbit remains at the trainstation here! It turns out it was a psycho after all, now did i get panicking WOW. I did see something horrible at the station, so it was apparently with intent. NOW do I wonder if this person have done more. I think it could be the kids who was running around in the village this summer. BUt it could also be an adult and if that is the case maybe the incident at the shop was real? !
  11. I haven't been thinking about OCD lately and it makes everything so much easier it really do. But I still have paranoia about people, I don't know, I have read so much about sick people so I see them everywhere. I came walking and there was this guy walking towards me, I took another way but then did I look about and he was standing at the the window and looked into it. There is this plastic but you can see the light are on inside. First thought was that I didn't want to get traumatized so I walked by but then did I turn back 1 minute later and then there was open. There live an older woman 60+ and the guy was around 30 if i have to judge. What do you think? Should I knock on the door tomorrow and tell her or would this be an obsession? Also started to obsess directly if he do this in general because it was pretty close to where I live, and have already been obsessing about some white stains on my curtain. Have been doing good lately and nowdays it seems that I only have contaminationthoughts, where other people are involved. I feel like the OCD is making my very paranoid in general, I mean I know it is too much so I guess I am not psychotic. THey saying goes that if you think it could be psychosis then you don't. Would like to get some input on how to handle this because atleast ONE of the two are real!
  12. I am not trying to be provocative it is just that I am more often seeing sufferers being stuck with the notion they need to get there therapy right (thoughtprocess) before they can start the work than I see it helping. Now I am strongly biased because I am mostly seeing people who suffers and not those who have recovered
  13. No compulsions = no OCD. Now some will say that there are beleifs. Those beliefs won't last if you don't do compulsions. The thing is that there are a few anxietydisorders and having thoughts and beliefs are not limited to OCD-sufferers The B is a really tricky thing. Because as easy as it can help you it can also been used against you of your OCD. And you are back with the realisation that you need to sit with the anxiety
  14. OCDhavenobrain

    Living with past regrets

    All this thinking. If ANYTHING involving OCD makes you feel comfy and makes it easier to handle your OCD while you have OCD you are in BIG trouble. Btw I saw a documentary yesterday about addiction and something which was said really struck a nerve in me. One guy said that if you think about a pink elephant then the elephant will pop into your mind. I think most people here have heard that saying. But he said that when overcomming addiction you shouldn't think about overcomming it, you just act differently. Or else your mind will trick you back to addiction or atleast make it much harder to overcome it. All this thinking and most of the writing about OCD while one have OCD is just big trouble, because it is OCD lurking you in. In this specific case I feel confident that this is just another OCD-thought from Bruces. 99.99%
  15. OCDhavenobrain

    Living with past regrets

    This is not useful at all.