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  1. OCDhavenobrain

    Contaminating things

    I am happy that you were able to gp to the hospital. Didnt you fear that because of contaminationsissues?
  2. OCDhavenobrain

    How do you prevent relapses?

    Have you been through therapy? I just want to make sure I understand whst you mean when you say "relapse"
  3. OCDhavenobrain

    How do you explain OCD to someone?

    I don't know. A therapist once tried to compare it with a song being stuck in your head. That didn't convince me at all. How do you explain the feeling of total uncertainty to someone? You could say to the person that there was 50% risk that their family was being suck in a burning house and then ask that person if he/she would be fine with not turning back. Now if you would say to that person that you fear the stove being turn on and that leading up to the burning house scenario he/she would reply that the risk are not even close to 50/50 and that is true. But it's all about that feeling of uncertainty and we all feel it and we feel and think that our life depend on it. I don't know, because you are trying to explain a feeling and I personally have problems even recalling how bad I really feelt when I am feeling fine, I am really feeling what I feelt back then. Polarbear's explanation was better, trying to explain that you have anxiety and that you are linking that anxiety to you and your responsibility. Sorry if this is unclear wanted to give it a try but not that much time right now.
  4. OCDhavenobrain


    The most important thing and maybe the only thing you can do is to refuse to use compulsions to ease your anxiety. You sure are anxious and it is also very normal for you to be in such a state considering the circumstances. Gingerbredgirl told me to let the feelings be there and accepting the situation. That was a great advice in my situation and I think it's a great advice overall when you are facing ended relationships. I would say that letting yourself wallowing in the pain could be a good thing. This means that you really have to accept that he is gone, I am sorry to say it but I don't think that hope is the right thing to turn to, it will just prolong the suffering.
  5. OCDhavenobrain

    Car idling driving tonight 1h.

    I feel like my individual obsessions are much shorter nowdays. I get them but I can shake them off faster and with more ease.
  6. OCDhavenobrain

    Depressed about a relationship.

    You know I had a really really bad end of last year and beginning of this year. 24/12 - 7/1 was real agony for me. I am not saying that this relationship was the only thing which triggered because this happens every winter. I have finally come to an end with this relationship, it is over. But most importantly have my anxiety and depression lifted. I can't fathom how you can feel so bad but you sure can. I didn't have OCD-thoughts. Beside me obsessing about the car outside my window haven't I obsessed. My OCD have got a lot better. And that is all I care for, if it is bipolar or SAD do I not know. I would bet on SAD but not sure. Thank you all.
  7. OCDhavenobrain

    Need some help please

    It will be like that for a while. As long as one do more good than bad it is alright.
  8. OCDhavenobrain

    Car idling driving tonight 1h.

    Another problem I have is that I am getting more and more touchy aobut food other have made. Because of the incident white the trashcan outside, there was white spots on the top and I thought about what if someone had done something really creepy. That is gone but there will be small traces left in food and such. I am going to eat the food today and I hope it doesn't give me too much anxiety
  9. According to someone in the house were a car parked outside my window tonight. 1 hour. That is a pretty long time and you have to imagine the amounts of chemicals in the air. So stupid, who even do that? Woke up with headache this morning and I guess this could be the cause.
  10. OCDhavenobrain


    I understand that is feels bad. I haven't experienced it so it is hard for me to fully understand how it feels. If you could skip turning to compulsions for anxietyrelief that would be great. It would be very good.
  11. OCDhavenobrain

    Depressed about a relationship.

    It feels so much better now. And my OCD are much better overall. I just have to accept that there are something more happening in the winters. I am not saying that it have to be a diagnosis, could just be old patterns. Got triggered here today because someone told me a big car had stood outside my wndow this morning. I guess that is why I woke up with a headache. It's such small events which I have to deal with here further on. Without letting it get stuck in my head. I hope you all are dedicated towards recovery, and do not let it get obsessive. I feel like that in itself is a big problem. Not having that certainty seems to be the path, that is the one thing I am watching out for the most. Take care everybody
  12. OCDhavenobrain

    Relationship OCD is back

    Woow I am really sorry. Posted in wrong thread. Should have post in the thread about Eckhart Tolle. Was out yesterday, anxious and all of that and I apparently posted in the wrong thread. Hope it gets better for you. Try to rmember Orwell that real issues in life can be unpleasant, sometimes it is just how life goes. Normal uncertainty is fine.
  13. OCDhavenobrain


    How are you now?
  14. OCDhavenobrain

    Relationship OCD is back

    You are clearly obsessing about it. I find his teachings helpful.
  15. Sounds like me when I had the fears. Very intrested in the collapse of World Trade Center because those had asbestos and I "compared" them to my risk home with some building I enters. Bizarre really. U need to stop the analyzing