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  1. It can quickly become an obsession about overcomming OCD in the best way. Yes!
  2. Seriously, where have I even wrote something else. Tragically it is that way that the person who NEED to make the changes the most always feel as it is the WORST thing to do. That is just the reciepce for success when it comes to OCD, nobody would be here if it was otherwise.
  3. You are one of the most compassionate member on here, that mixed with great knowledge is a supercombo! Hope you are doing fine.
  4. I am very sorry you feel that way. However you haven't done any harm, you have no responsibilty regarding other people's recoveries. However, I do think Lily need to follow through with her therapist. The therapist is the best thing which have happened to her OCD-recovery.
  5. I really don't thibk it is optional even. And why should you take it seriously? OCD thoughts are noneimportant, not little or somewhat important. They are none-important
  6. That is very right and a very important thing to realize, removing triggers are actually really bad. OCD will always creep back into your life.
  7. Okey, you can't avoid triggers, or you can, but that would be a really bad thing to do. Do not go down that route, that would be my first advice. Second, there will be anxiety when you are faced with one of your triggers, that anxiety needs to be there if you want to overcome OCD. Sorry for the bad news, I know that you probably want some relief in the moment but try to think about it longterm. Please take care and treat yourself good but try to be bad to the OCD.
  8. Yes, I am sorry for the face that I don't write long enough so people can understand me, it is just that I have no time at the moment. Please take care everybody.
  9. Personal values, it is a method people. Do not get to emotional engaged. I often see this happening, it applies to everything, from the law to personal preferences about what brand you like the most. I would actually like to say that I myself had therapy obsession for years, I was obsessed about overcomming OCD. I think TOCD already is taken though.
  10. That is great and in honestly I would go with the therapist 100% if I were you. Put his advices over all others, which makes it pretty useless to get an opinion from others.
  11. If you truly believe you can't change your focus all CBT is a dead end. Handy meant that you are responsible of where you have your focus, I totally agree. In a deeper sense all of this is untrue because if there is no free will it doesn't matter but in a clinical perspective this is not useful and it is a philosophical question, sorry that I always am trying to get my opinions out there, often in a very hasty manner. I seriously think that we all are investing way to much emotions into CBT and different methods. It is a way to make people with OCD overcome OCD, there are no values in CBT. 1. Overcomming OCD is incredible simple. 2.People with OCD is overcomplicating things, that is the disorder. step 1 will feel incredible hard because of 2. Edit: I am sorry that this is how it is because it mean that we are getting a skill (doing compulsions) which actually are useless, but that is the OCD and there is only the OCD which should be a reason of anger.
  12. Technically Handy is right. And just because a fire is hot and we feel all kinds of things when we run through it, that doesn't mean it isn't the only way out. Yes we have wasted our lives, there are no ways to sugarcoat, don't be mad at things around it be mad at OCD.
  13. Personally I will probably never understand if I have done enough. I don't really believe in free will so it very quickly becomes very strange. But I do think that the sufferer have full responsibility, and that is a good thing, because if you wouldn't, CBT would successful of a mere chance. I know some people find all of this offensive. One thing OCD have proved for me is that there are OCD-opionions and then there are the real opinions of a person. And this can make a sufferer feeling really weird sometimes. Good luck everyone and please do not let the OCD win.
  14. Hello. I was trying to send you a message, but it didn't work.
  15. And I didn't mean that.. Dksea's advices are one of the best. If his advices are uncompassionate then everything is, I do know I am not the softest person around with OCD and I don't really care that much, I am more for efficiency, which means that I have to choice who I give advice too. Because in some people a warmer touch is needed. Yes, that is my main point, everybody who gives tips on a forum anonymously without pay is in someway a good person. I think everybody who gives advice could tell themselves this. This applies to everybody who gives advices.
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