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  1. It was a new event this time involving washing and my clothes. Someone else washed my clothes even if I said no multiple times. But that is the problem I am having, knowing how to react to things normally. I do think that I will go with the "don't worrry at all- approach" because yea it is really hard for me to know what "normal" means. New situations will come up all the time. Because we are not having that filter , therefore extreme is a possible solution I do appreciate all the answers The event was some clothes I had put away because of a nighlty incident and I said like 10 times not to touch the bag of clothes and my releative did.. So i was pretty mad yesterday. Never being listen on bo matter how many times I say something. So a new event but same feelings and thoughts. Gross, incest and damaging. I think in general terms how I need to approach sticky events. So now did I actually write it out which was a setback but I just wanted to clearify.
  2. Hmm I do agree. But I want to add a thought and it is that we with problems with uncertainty maybe need to take the extreme approach more often than others. Not worrying all together could be a guideline Maybe normal ismt enough. Is a normal amount of worry normal?
  3. A possible solution is to not worry at all. Which some people suggest. I guess that is a possibility.
  4. I have a hard time shaking off the obsession about this fluid and also with how one should react normally because everybody thinks it is gross. Something happened today. I will not tell what. I just wonder about this "what a normal person would do". I mean we don't want to make up some kind of rulebook of every possible situation.
  5. Something went wrong there... The most crucial part of recovery is acknowledge and understand that you are NOT everything that pops up in your head.
  6. Not believing everything that pops up in your head is a part od you is what have to happen id one wants to recover and the most crucial cognitive realisation in the journey to overcome OCD. I would say that this is the reason most fail to recover. They just can't accept it, it can't be so.
  7. Take a break from the forum. Block the site for a while. It is doing you no good to read here, not even the best advices
  8. No but against OCD it works magical. Because we are forced to concentrate on other things
  9. Another thing I want to say on the matter. Adjusting ones life because of OCD is not the solution. I am actually against going down in workhours or getting help from the university to make it easier to handle. Because OCD will only eat up that extra time. I want to hear from you guys but was it ( that when you entered adulthood, wasn't it then the really bad started? Because school is wonderful in so many ways, it pushes people to get a routine. People in general are not good at knowing what is good for us.
  10. It is all reassurance at this point. When one have been told somethin (got reeassured) so many times and even told that we can't give reassurance, the person knows that even the smallest hint of it is in fact reassurance. The lose troubling in this case is the extreme inclination to not attack OCD when Lily is feeling anything than panic. OCD sufferers say about anything when they are panicking and who wouldn't? However it is like dksea says, we are all free to write whatever we like as long as it is allowed. Also people here are very keen on helping others and here are just so many who writes here.
  11. I see. Well I am not in a position to diagnos you and I don't want to give advices to someone doubting. If the goose is wet and the door is open and the newly made bed stands inside could it possible be a risk then. What I am trying not to do is to be an insurer for a doubter
  12. We can never know how we have impacted others. Move on, you will not get certainty by ruminating about it.
  13. True. But when OCD gets severe often you can't even do something else.
  14. What Helen said. This is not thevthread for such doubting I dont knos
  15. I don't see the need for any apology. We all (atleast the majority) writes because they wants to help. But it is very good if you can see sole of it lore clearly. Do you recognize that you are very stuck at the moment?
  16. Cool that you have found so many compulsions. The first one is one I have had too. You can't be perfect and life is in its core uncertain.
  17. I have this problem as well. If it is about what I produce or what I own. I think that we have to accept that we as humans can't get this (control) where everything is perfect. For one with this problem the world becomes cruel, let's say your house burn down or you involved in a accident then everything changes. Life happened. We are trying to get control so we can feel certain. And when you have started it always spirals, and you have to break down at some point because even the smallest ill-fortune can blow it all. What you have to do is to be very aware when thise thoughts shows up, maybe it just gives you some relief after a stressful day to have things in a certain way but it always grows. Just some thoughts about wanting control, what perfectionism is all about.
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