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  1. That's really good Taurean, I hope I can get to that place too. At the moment I still think about the general topic of mental health issues a lot and find it difficult to switch off those thoughts after I visit the forum.
  2. Thanks Angst. I should say I'm being presumptuous about the PTM Framework being used by the NHS. I've no idea if they are actually using it, it's just a guess I made based on the fact that everyone at the centre were repeatedly insistent that I shouldn't be given a diagnostic label because the categories are so subjective. I may come back to the forum later when I feel a bit more collected, but I'm also looking forward to having some time where talking about mental health issues doesn't takes up such a large portion of my mind space!
  3. Ta da! Back already! Just kidding, but I felt it rude not to rely. Thanks for your kind words everyone. Right now I'm quite confused about my recovery if I'm honest, because I'm not sure what it was that helped me, so as a result I'm finding it quite hard to help others! I know that must sound quite strange, but I was treated at an nhs centre which I think must be using the PTM framework, or at least influenced by it, because I was told that they didn't believe in diagnosis's and I shouldn't think of myself as having ocd, and I was offered talking therapy, as well as CBT, for obsessive thoughts and low self worth. At the time I was annoyed by this because I wanted clear answers and a diagnosis, but now I can see the value in what they were saying more - and I don't take a non-critical view of CBT - but I'm still confused and I don't want to spread my confusion! All I know is I feel better, and I want to get on with life, and maybe in time I will be able to pull out some kind of narrative about my experience so I can share it with others, but I'm not able to do that at the moment. Wx
  4. Hello all you lovely forum users, I just wanted to say that I'm going to leave the forum, at least for the foreseeable future anyway. I'm finding that I no longer need help from the forum, and I don't feel I want to stay to help others because my knowledge of CBT therapy is not very good and I don't want to confuse people with my ramblings! However, I didn't want to disappear without thanking people so.... thank you everyone at the charity and the regular forum posters for your tireless work, your dedication and compassion and I wish everyone good luck in their continued recovery, or journey towards recovery. Best wishes w
  5. (This is supposed to say "yay, that's fighting talk, you can do this!" :-))
  6. Well said, GBG, I think from now on this should be called the 'The Rolling Stones' Approach'.
  7. Hi humbleno1, sorry things are pretty rough for you now. I'm not up to speed with your ocd journey and treatment, so sorry if I'm asking you to repeat things, but what professional help are you receiving now? Do you have plan of action? Best wishes w
  8. Yes, I think the normal rules of human relationships can get a bit distorted over the Internet. In the real world, no average person would think it was ok to give hard truths to someone they barely know, but they would also know that a good friend may need a kick up the bum sometimes! I think it is also worth remembering that a new user who doesn't reveal much about themselves could actually be very young and therefore to be sensitive to that.
  9. For what it's worth dksea, I've never noticed you be anything other than compassionate and understanding. For me, I think the key is not to make assumptions about a person who is posting - it's not really possible to know a person's full personality, history and problems based on a few short paragraphs they have written on a public Internet forum. They may have experienced serious childhood abuse, they may have learning difficulties etc. In real life, face to face, it is much easier to assess a person and speak to them accordingly, eg speaking more simply to a young teenager, but this is less easy over the Internet. For example, because of who I am, I personally find the tough love approach to be hurtful and patronising, not helpful, but I can see that for other people it is in fact helpful. So, I would say get to know a person on the forums first before going down the tough love approach and be sensitive to new users and remember we are OCD sufferers, not professionals, so our knowledge of wider issues is limited.
  10. Thanks Ashley, that's brilliantly put. Can I just add that people with autism and OCD are fairly common, and an autistic person may not realise that their comments are being perceived as inappropriate or offensive. That's not to say people shouldn't be called out for their comments, autism is not an excuse, but I think it is something to bear in mind and therefore to be wary of accusing others of malicious intent unless there is very clear evidence they are deliberately trying to be hurtful.
  11. Just sending you hugs...
  12. Try taking a rumination holiday! Tell yourself you will not ruminate on this subject for an entire week and see what happens. It seems to me like you are getting feelings of guilt (which may or may not be justified) and you are then ruminating on that guilt in order to decide whether you should or shouldn't also be deserving of feeling shame. If you accept the guilt feelings without then ruminating they will probably fade.
  13. Hi GBG, it sounds like you are talking about the difference between guilt and shame. Guilt is when you feel upset about the pain to others your actions have caused, while shame is feeling upset that you as a person are capable of behaving in that way. Guilt is generally a healthy reaction, while shame is usually, although not always, an unhealthy reaction. It took me a long time to understand the difference, but it's a really helpful distinction to make.
  14. There are lovely, kind, generous people on this forum, it always amazes me how much time, effort and wisdom some people put into their replies - thanks everyone!
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