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  1. I dont know what to do, my OCD keep makes me worry about a silly things........ even the things that normal people wouldn't notice. Sometimes i win sometimes i lose. When i stressed about the silly things i start to entertaining myself like laughing for no reason to reduce my stress...... but some people that dont know me will think that i'm weird for doing that and now my OCD telling me that all people around me think that i'm weird and that makes me so freaking stressed right now By the way, sorry my english isn't good enough
  2. Im afraid that my phone camera get hacked, i forgot to block my camera with tape while i'm taking a shower........ im afraid someone has been watching me through my phone camera Im so stress right now 😭 help me please
  3. I've been clicked one of them once.so what now???
  4. I never click any ads, i just accidentally click it
  5. Im so stress right now, my scroll mouse sometimes clicking by itself when im scrolling..... And i just clicking suspicious link from someone post in facebook OMG OMG OMG Im afraid they will hack my account and credit πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 And i just read an article in the internet about suspicious link and the article said something worst that might happen to me OMG OMG OMG Maybe this one is part of my OCD but........ i dont think this one is my OCD
  6. English is not my first language. Sorry for my bad english I am almost anxious every day. I dont know which one is worth worrying about and which is not Example: I live in 15th floor apartement. My bedroom has a big window. Sometimes there is a worker cleaning outside of the window. I change my clothes almost everyday in my bedroom or even doing something privacy (you know what i mean ?) in my bedroom . There is curtain in the window and one day at night im forgot to check the curtain too make sure it close properly while im doing something privacy. at that moment I realized and checked out the window but there was no one (i dont think worker cleaning window at night). then my mind says what if the worker saw you through the window and he record you but you realize too late so when you check the window he's already gone and then that video goes viral And now im so stress
  7. Hard for me to makes the differences between rational thoughts and irrational thoughts My life is tortured because OCD, lack of happy in my life because OCD, feel depressed because OCD and feel stupid because OCD I had a stupid obsession about photo that taken 1 year ago by my friend when im only using underwear . That photo has been deleted after 1 hour he shoot me with only underwear. But that still makes me uncomfortable because he sent it to my chat group that consisting of 5 peoples (they all are my best friends) althought he had been unsent that photo from chat group shortly after But im afraid they save that photo. I have been ask all of them and no one told me if they save that photo. Some of them dont even remember it because it happen 1 year ago. Honestly i dont care about that photo but this is what my mind said that makes me worryyyyyyy What if my underwear has a little holey in that photo and my **** can be seen. And someone will see it from my friends phone because he forget to delete it What if i dont wear that underwear properly in that photo and my **** can be seen. And someone will see it from my friends phone because he forget to delete it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME IF THIS ONE OCD OR NOT AND GIVE ME THE REASONE WHY YOU CALL THIS OCD!!!!!!!!! SO I CAN CHILL AND LIFE HAPPY thank you and sorry for my bad english
  8. Thanks for your reply gingerbreadgirl, but not easy to not thinking about it. I have a feeling 80% my fear is true (whatο»Ώο»Ώ if my underwear that i wear in that photo has a holey so peoples can see my ???, or what if i wearing that underwear not properly in that photo so peoples can see my ??ο»Ώ?) and 20% is wrong
  9. Im sorry for my bad english, hope you can understand what i mean I have been diagnosed OCD. And now keep worried about my photo that has been taken 1 year ago.my best friend take a picture of me when i'm only using underwear in my dorm room when i changing my clothes, he did that only for joking with me. And i dont care about it until i met new friend who has a big sense of humor and naughty,he like to use my best friend phone to take a picture because his phone camera is very good,and now im afraid that my new friend will check all photo from his gallery and find my photo that only using underwear and share it to my other friends. My best friend said he has been check his gallery and cant find my photo that only using underwear and he said maybe i have been delete that photo because i took that photo one year ago. But im not sure if that photo has been gone from his phone. Honestly i dont care about my photo that only using underwear, thing that i worry is "what if my underwear that i wear in that photo has a holey so peoples can see my ???, or what if i wearing that underwear not properly in that photo so peoples can see my ??? . As i can remember, there is nothing wrong in that photo, but i still have to make sure and i dont know how. I check my best friend gallery and i cant find that photo (there is a thousand photo in his phone) and he said to me as i can remember i have been deleted that photo. BUT IM NOT SURE HE HAS BEEN DELETED THAT PHOTO BECAUSE HE SAID "AS I CAN REMEMBER" Please help me, im so stress and im not sure if this case is my OCD as a suspect of my worry
  10. Thanks PolarBear for your reply too, btw sometimes i realises what i think is so illogical and it makes me feel better but the problem is that just happen sometimes and mostly i feel like the silly things is something big and worse. Example: i said to someone "stupid" then i worrying im going to arrested because saying someone stupid My question is: how to stop that?? How can i live without worrying a silly things?? Im so tired
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