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  1. Feeling so stressed ? today, got a message off my network provider telling me I had nearly reached my credit limit? I thought how can this be it is capped? so this isn’t suppose to happen. 

    I rang them to find out what this was all about and I was told I owed them £136 over my contract deal, they hadn’t capped it. So feeling a little stressed ? about this and there is nothing I can do :(

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    2. lostinme


      Thanks guys I’m hoping to sort it tomorrow :yes: What makes me laugh is my monthly contract is only £21 a month 4 gb data, unlimited texts and 600 mins. I thought it was capped and I couldn’t go over like before where you’d receive a text saying you had reached your monthly allowance. I’ve used 200 mins over just to mobile numbers mostly on the same network and it amounts to this. How can they possibly charge this much is beyond me :(

    3. taurean


      I think it's a limit, not a cap. It sounds like if you exceed the limit you get charged the standard call rate, which is high. 

      That might explain the big charge. 

      But it would have been nice if you got a message warning you, so you could have made decisions in the light of that knowledge. 

      With my data bundle, if I get close to the 1G limit per month, the Tesco mobile network send me a warning text message and state if I exceed, standard rates apply. 

      Plus I can keep track myself on how much data I am using from the data section of the phones settings menu. 

    4. lostinme


      I didn’t think I needed to check it though Roy because I thought it was capped as I’d asked it to be. But sadly it wasn’t. But I think you should at least receive a courtesy text saying youve nearly reached your limit so at least your aware of the situation. I wonder how many other costumers have had this happen to them too.