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  1. Hello everyone! So I have gradually been more and more open about my OCD diagnosis. Such as when family or friends ask how I'm doing I explain about my OCD, where as I used to just hide what's going on. I'm sort of disappointed in how many people don't seem to care that I'm going through a lot right now or that I have finally gotten up the courage to speak about it with them. I'm not looking for overwhelming sympathy or anything but it would be nice if they would understand the difficulty of OCD and my mentality. Has anyone else had troubles with this? What do you guys do?
  2. Yeah I try to be upfront about my OCD. Most of the time i am well aware of why I'm doing the things I do or why I ask certain things. My therapist and I are working on asking specifically for what I feel like I need but if I can, resist the urges. And it would be cool to read your book but I'm not Norwegian ?
  3. Oooooh! I would love to read your book! Where can I buy it? And any response is a good response! Just hearing about your experience and idea is helpful. I think more than anything I'm looking for reassurance maybe?
  4. Thank you for your feedback! That is my main goal with this book ?
  5. I began writing a book a few months ago. The concept is a little girl that is growing up with a "best friend," who keeps her safe, reminds her that she needs to do certain things, and to double check everything. The older she gets the more of a bully her friend becomes but she just cant seem to break away from her. Her parents cant figure out why she never has her friends over to hangout or sleep over, and she cant really explain to them why. In the last chapter of the book, it opens by revealing that she is now in her 20's and has been telling her life story to her therapist but in order to explain her anxiety and thoughts as she was growing up she has assigned them a name. In the last paragraph in the book, her therapist speaks for the first time and tells her that she has OCD. She takes a deep breath in and closes her eyes and says, "so i'm not crazy." And that's the end of the book. But i haven't even gotten through the first three chapters and i think that i have bitten off more than i can chew with this one. I think that i might want to collaborate with someone else and help them to develop my idea into an actual book. What do you guys think?
  6. Thank you for those resources! I have attempted to give them little papers with info about it and they "read them." (Pretty much sat them down and left them on the desk for weeks) So I will see if they would give me the time to sit down and look at the these with me. I really appreciate it!
  7. Yeah it sucks because it's my boyfriend and family
  8. It's hard when everyone around me attempt to convince me that I don't have OCD either.
  9. I have this thing that I do where I think of something and then I question it over and over again in a circular thinking style. But lately it has been surrounding wheather or not I actually have OCD. I worry that I making stuff up or that I just sound crazy. And even having reassurance from my therapist hasn't helped, it's like I need everyone around me to tell me for me to believe it. Which is super unrational. I have been occisially diagnosed for almost a year now and I know deep down that I do have it. Does this happen to anyone else?
  10. Awesome, thanks! I,ll try to get one soon. Thank you for talking to me by the way.
  11. I have thought about getting a self help book but i'm afraid that I will get the wrong one? (I don't know if that's even possible but its a fear of mine) Do you have any you would recommend? Ah! its nice to hear from someone that has similar issues! Thanks!
  12. Yes i agree, life would be easier without these things controlling my days. The issue is that she isn't super experienced with OCD and my insurance wont let me switch to someone who is. Which i am currently working really hard to get the right to.
  13. Yes I have a problem with extreme anxiety when I don't have structured day. And I always have to know what time it is, if i don't have access to a clock I end up stressed out and emotional in other aspects. I'm currently in therapy but my therapist hasn't felt comfortable starting me in and CBT or anything. But maybe i can begin to work on my compulsions soon.
  14. It literally drives me crazy when I plan out my day exactly how i think it would work best for me to be able to get everything on my list done. And my boyfriend decides that it doesn't work for him because i'm being "too picky" about my schedule. Like it isn't effecting him at all, i'm doing my own tasks the way I need to so I don't get extra stressed out. He hates when I try to ask him what his schedule is so I can plan my day around it. He likes to be spontaneous. I am a "need to know it all," according to him. And i just got a new fidget toy in the mail for when I get too anxious and he keeps telling i'm making too big of a deal out of "all of this." Does anyone have any advice for me to explain to him whats going on in my head. He knows i'm OCD but he doesn't think it's an actual thing and that i'm just making a big deal out of it. He doesn't take me seriously.
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