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  1. I struggle with OCD (''pure O'') since childhood. Anyway, when I was about 16 I had intrusive thoughts about being a lesbian and liking a girl from my class. I felt heavily depressed for a few days - the first time in my life I actually felt depressed, and anyway, somehow I was ''over it'' in a weird manner... Today (since then) I identify myself as a bisexual. I had fallen in love for two women, until today, but it never got serious, as I have had relationships with men too. I find it strange because I think that ''a intrusive thought was right'' so sometimes when I get myself ruminating over new bad thoughts I remember that and it gets me sad and desperate and even more confused. I even think about it sometimes and I doubt myself thinking that I am lying or I am mistaken when I think I like women... and then I start to ruminate on this too. I don't know what this all means. I think that maybe it has no correlation...? But... Idk.
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