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  1. @PolarBear I am also an ex-sufferer of OCD! The only symptom that i still deal with is difficulty communicating (especially verbally) with other people sometimes... But my entire social circle knows of this so its not even like a big deal. I would be stoked to get your contact info or something like that, i am trying to grow the ex-sufferer community. I link my reddit name, i am the mod of /r/lifeafterocd ,,, wishing you more good times - Connor ... i like how you don't use private messenger, i dont do that either!!! haha #exsuffererprobs ... Way better to keep things public, would rather not endure mini traumas caused by malicious PM's (thats my experience)
  2. Hey thats ok. I am so excited to meet other ex-sufferers. #OCDexsufferercommunity #OCDeducation
  3. I am an exsufferer and i invite anyone to ask me literally any questions - i prefer answering on here though ...link to external site removed.
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